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Step Six - Tarot Preparation

Updated: Feb 25


  • Ensure when you start a tarot reading, you won't be interrupted. Peace and quiet are necessary as it allows you to tune in to your cards, angels, and guides to ensure an accurate reading.

  • Opening a window or using a sage stick to remove unwanted energy before reading is a positive way to start.

  • Holding the cards, ask your guides and angels to help provide a precise reading for yourself or your client.

  • Knocking three times on the tarot cards releases any energy from previous readings.

Shuffling & Cutting Cards

  • Take time shuffling. Remain calm and ask our guides, angels, and the cards to relay clear messages to the questions that will be asked. We can ask as many questions as necessary until we are happy we have received a clear answer.

  • Asking the client to hold the deck, shuffle, or even pick several cards - this is optional.

  • After setting our intentions, begin shuffling. We may notice cards leap from the deck; pay attention to these cards and use them in the reading. Another way of choosing cards for readings is splitting the deck in half or piles of three. Place them on the table, then collect the individual piles back up differently from how they were laid out. Another option is to fan the cards out on the table face down, left to right, and pull the cards most drawn to us.

Laying Cards Out

Three Card Past, Present, Future

Card 1 - Past

Card 2 - Present

Card 3 - Future

The Star (6 Cards)

Card 1 - Changes in Life

Card 2 - Triggering the change

Card 3 - Action to take

Card 4 - Relationships

Card 5 - Outcome

Card 0 - Signifier - You

(start with this card)

Yes or No

Shuffle / Choose three cards you are drawn to. Yes is represented with positive cards, and No is represented with negative cards.

Ten Card Celtic Cross (most popular)

Card 1 - Current Situation

Card 2 - Issues in Life

Card 3 - Best they can expect at present

Card 4 - Your question

Card 5 - The next event

Card 6 - Past events

Card 7 - How do you see yourself

Card 8 - Your environment/people in your life

Card 9 - Hopes and fears

Card 10 - Outcome

I hope you have enjoyed learning tarot readings through the six steps. Have fun choosing your decks, and be warned: there are so many beautiful decks out there that you will most likely end up with quite a few. There are also many Oracle decks out there that can be combined with tarot cards to increase the accuracy of the outcome of each reading.

I am wishing you lots of luck with your new hobby.

Sending love and light.


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