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Pick A Card - Which Colour Will Benefit You?

Today's cards are from the Secret Language of Colour by Inna Segal. Each card represents a particular colour and will list its primary strength. The card's message gives further information regarding the healing properties of each colour and the ways the colours can heal and empower every area of your life.

Above, you will see a picture showing five cards: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 (left to right). Close your eyes, tune in, and see which card you are drawn to. Crystals have been placed below each card, as you may be drawn to a particular crystal instead. Scroll down to the number you are drawn to and read the message meant to find you.

Love & Light




Let Love In

Pink is the colour of unconditional love, opening your heart and helping to heal heart problems. It assists with releasing emotional challenges and brings tranquillity. Pink also helps with insomnia and the manifestation of dreams. Open your heart with delicate pink colours.


Become aware of any tension in your body. Take a deep breath and allow your body to soften. Focus on letting go of any hardness or density.

Close your eyes and imagine you are holding the most beautiful pink flower. Breathe in its sweet scent, inviting its beauty and delicateness to open your heart. Then imagine pink light from the flower flowing into your heart and filling it up with unconditional love.

Now, think of someone you love, and allow the love you feel to pour from your heart into his or hers. Savour that feeling of love and connectedness.



Build Your Confidence

Cyan strengthens your confidence and belief in yourself, balancing your body's systems and giving you clarity when you need to make choices. It also helps release stress to attain peace and relaxation and can be very helpful in fine-tuning your communication abilities. Build your confidence with the help of a cyan circle.


Close your eyes and take a slow, deep breath in. As you breathe out, allow yourself to completely let go of all the stress and tension in your body. Take another slow breath and visualize a deep cyan colour filling your whole body. Then, as you breathe, relax.

Imagine a big cyan circle in front of you; focus on the different qualities that make a person feel confident. They might be things like knowing what you are doing, feeling good about yourself, feeling happy, getting what you want, and so on.

Place all these qualities into the cyan circle, and then visualize stepping into the circle yourself. Breathe in all of those qualities, allowing yourself to become more confident, clap your hands three times, say, "I now embrace my confidence, happiness, and clarity," and walk out of the circle.

From now on, every time you need an extra boost, clap your hands together three times and breathe in confidence from your cyan circle.



Purify Your Body

Yellow assists with purification, treating diabetes, and cleaning the intestines and bowels. Ease arthritis, release toxicity, and clear your skin with yellow. As the colour of intellect and mental stimulation, yellow can also help you to think more quickly and clearly. Purify your digestive system with yellow rays of light.


Go outside. Spend a few minutes looking at and feeling the sun's rays on your skin. Imagine a bright yellow sunlight moving through your whole digestive system, cleansing your intestines, pancreas, and bowels of all toxicity and waste. Sense the density dissolving and your organs becoming clean and healthy.

Pour some water into a yellow glass and put it into the sunlight for half an hour, then drink this water while focusing on purifying your body, mind, and heart.



Have Fun With Your Inner Child

Watermelon is a colour of softness, gentleness, and compassion that encourages affection, self-acceptance, and kindness. Its spirit of fun and easy access to your inner child assists people who suffer from low self-esteem, loneliness, and sadness. Watermelon also encourages generosity, healing, and understanding. Allow watermelon rays to awaken your joyous, playful nature.

Have Fun With Your Inner Child

It's time to nourish and nurture your inner child. What exciting things can you do today that will make you laugh and enjoy yourself? Your inner child needs fun and play to feel healthy.

Close your eyes and visualize yourself as a small child. Ask this small child, "What would be fun for you to do today?" The child may say, "I want to go outside and throw a ball in the park." He or she may want to play a game, eat ice cream, or buy a toy. Listen and follow.

Before you go to sleep, visualize this child surrounded in a soft watermelon colour as it rests peacefully.

Say: " Divine Intelligence, please assist me in connecting to my fun, easygoing, enthusiastic nature so that I can spread joy and laughter wherever I go."



Allow Flow & Synchronicity Into Your Life

Coral restores physical vitality with its grounding properties, releasing stress, worry, and anxiety. See things from different points of view with coral and heal a broken heart and unrequited love. Coral also helps bring synchronicity and flow into your life. Visualise crossing a coral bridge to bring more synchronicity and ease into your life.


Imagine coral rays shining out of your heart, allowing more flow and synchronicity into your life. See or sense yourself stepping on the coral road that leads you onto the right path. In this vibration, things happen easily in synchronistic ways.

Say: " My life is easy and full of synchronicity. I follow the most divine path for me."

Any time you have to make a new decision and need some extra help, visualize stepping on the coral path.

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