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Step Five - Minor Arcana - Pentacles

Updated: Feb 25


Element - Earth

Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Card Meaning: Finances, Home, Security

Numbers the minor arcana represent:

Ace: New Beginnings, Two: Partnerships, Three: Activity, Four: Stillness, Five: Imbalance,

Six: Harmony, Seven: Potential, Eight: Change, Nine: Intensity, Ten: Completion & Endings.

Ace of Pentacles: Prosperity

The hand holding a coin indicates money coming your way. A gift, reward, or opportunity to make more money will be successful. Stable relationships. Moving to a new home or investing wisely.

Two of Pentacles: Options

Options or a decision may need to be made. Balancing your options or outcomes regarding work, study, home, or travel. Finances may need looking at. Are you spending too much?

Three of Pentacles: Recognition

Through your efforts, success is being shown. Recognition of the work you love is finally being recognised. Decorating or decluttering the home may make it feel more homely. It is beneficial for selling a property, too.

Four of Pentacles: Security

An abundance in security, finances, work, and relationships are on the cards. However, having worked so hard for success and good fortune may make you fear losing it all. Remaining cautious and fearful may hinder your happiness.

Five of Pentacles: Abandonment

Feelings of being left out in the cold. It's time to pay careful attention to finances. Any big impulsive purchases planned may be better put on hold for now. Reach out to friends if burdened with feelings of loneliness.

Six of Pentacles: Generosity

The six of pentacles indicate a gift being offered; this may be a literal gift, token of love, money, or support - you could be the recipient or the well-wisher. Sharing your success or kindness with others is a lovely thing.

Seven of Pentacles: Potential

Hard work, patience, and determination are paying off and are about to be rewarded. So good news regarding finances is to be expected.

Eight of Pentacles: Achievement

The eight of pentacles may signify learning new skills. For example, new employment or a new position at work may be offered—decisions to study, whether career-related or a hobby, will lead to successful results.

Nine of Pentacles: Gratitude

Finances are blooming—time for a treat. Leisure or relaxation time is needed after such hard work. Feeling generous to others and, or renovating the home may also play out when the nine of pentacles appears.

Ten of Pentacles: Luck

Good luck, celebrations of a windfall, or unexpected financial bonuses are linked to the ten of pentacles. Family gatherings may increase. News of marriage or a couple moving in together may be drawing closer.

Page of Pentacles: Opportunities

The page of pentacles brings good news regarding finances, work, or education. In addition, the page is bringing a welcomed change to your life.

Knight of Pentacles: Loyalty

The wait is over - if you were hoping for something in your life to improve, be that finances, opportunities, or love, it's about to get much better. The knight of pentacles may indicate now is the right time to make a serious decision regarding the long-term future.

Queen of Pentacles: Kindness

The Queen of Pentacles is known as a wealthy lady who is both beautiful and generous to others. A lover of nature, home, family life, and remains down to earth. Wise with money, the Queen can be regarded as a fine businesswoman, although with her generous nature, others may take advantage.

King of Pentacles: Trust

Ambitious, trustworthy, and protective, the King of Pentacles is a powerful businessman and leader with a hands-on attitude and generosity with time, love, and money. The King is often found in property roles from the landowner to the builder.

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