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Step Four - Minor Arcana - Swords

Updated: Feb 25


Element - Air

Zodiac Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Swords Meaning: Thoughts, Decisions, Conflict

Numbers the minor arcana represent:

Ace: New Beginnings, Two: Partnerships, Three: Activity, Four: Stillness, Five: Imbalance,

Six: Harmony, Seven: Potential, Eight: Change, Nine: Intensity, Ten: Completion & Endings.

Ace of Swords: Victory

When the ace of swords appears, victory and triumph have been achieved through sheer strength and inner power

after many difficulties. Carry on pushing forward. Look forward to positive new beginnings in relationships too.

Two of Swords: Crossroads

This card indicates a possible crossroads with a decision to be made. The two swords suggest tension or indecision. Notice the lady is blindfolded, yet if she placed the two heavy swords down on the ground, her hands would be free to remove the blindfold, allowing her to see the situation more clearly.

Three of Swords: Heartache

A cloudy rainstorm looms over a pierced heart. Love life may be affected at this time through a full-on separation between two partners or separation such as a long-distance relationship due to work or new living arrangements.

Four of Swords: Recovery

Recovery is needed when the four swords appear in a reading. In addition, a holiday or change of scenery may be required—time to put yourself first and recharge your batteries.

Five of Swords: Conflict

Someone close to you may seem a little dishonest. Someone you trust may have a hidden agenda. Problems communicating with family may also be affected. Remain alert.

Six of Swords: Calm

Notice the choppy water at the bottom right of the card and how calm it is in the distance. It is time to leave the past behind, what no longer serves you, and sail forward to calmer waters. It may also predict physical journeys across the water.

Seven of Swords: Loss

The seven of swords suggest a loss or theft of some sort; something or someone may have been taken from you. Protect yourself from negative energy or people in your life.

Eight of Swords: Restriction

The realisation of feeling restricted by certain circumstances, work, love, or projects. Fear prevents her from moving on or seeing the situation clearly (blindfolded). Notice the ropes do not look too tight; if she wanted to, she could wriggle her way out, take the blindfold off and remove herself from the negative energy of the swords. Will she remain there or save herself from unnecessary burdens?

Nine of Swords: Anxiety

Laying under nine swords would make anyone feel a little anxious. This card may suggest troubles beneath the surface, maybe expressed through dreams/nightmares. Overthinking and lack of sleep will not help. The swords are securely held on the wall, unlikely to hurt anyone. A problem shared is a problem halved. Speaking to someone she trusts may help.

Ten of Swords: Endings

This card indicates a problematic situation, loss, or ending, but remember, time is a great healer. Every end allows an opportunity for a new beginning—an unpleasant card but one that will appear in a reading when it needs to. Actions shape your destiny; find that strength from deep within to get you through.

Page of Swords: Gossip

The page indicates a young person or a person young at heart. They may appear to be incentivized by their actions and charming, yet may thrive on attention. Be on the ball regarding verbal or written communication so your words aren't misunderstood.

Knight of Swords: Drama

You may be drawn to drama, confrontation, or some disruption. Chaotic moving energy may make one feel slightly confused. Ride with the changes the Knight of Sword brings in.

Queen of Swords: Resilience

She is intelligent and charming, but beware if she feels like she is being played! Blunt and honest with her feelings, she is not one to mess about. Well organised and efficient. A strong, independent woman. If you have her back, she'll have yours.

King of Swords: Ambition

Ambitious and ready to succeed. Often found in uniforms in traditional tarot, the king of swords may symbolise someone in the military or other well-known occupations where uniforms are worn. He is careful where he places his trust and is a no-nonsense guy. Good at giving advice when needed, although it may sometimes come across as a little harsh.

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