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Pick A Card - Which Chakra Do You Need To Work On?

Today's cards are from the Chakra Wisdom Oracle by Tori Hartman. Each card represents one of the seven chakras and specific life areas. The cards below give informative guidance, with a small guided meditation to follow at the end.

 Above, you will see a picture showing seven cards: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 (left to right). Close your eyes, tune in, and see which card you are drawn to. Crystals have been placed with each card as you may be drawn to a particular crystal instead. Scroll down to the number you are drawn to and read the message meant to find you.

Love & Light



Seventh Chakra - Crown Chakra


The artist in the picture is summoned for jury duty, but they won't use him. He doesn't fit their concept of what a juror should be. He paints pictures no one understands. He lives alone. They want somebody who will put himself in the other guy's place, but he will never do that. He doesn't get mixed up with anything or anyone. They honor his individuality when they invite him, yet when he appears, they reject it by not using him.

Inspiration - you don't have to be on the inside track. Be true to yourself, and you will not be unhappy. Rejection is spirits protection.

Personal Inquiry - Am I working with or against my environment? What is the purpose of my present solitude?

Key Ideas - Others' approval, unsupportive environment, working alone, arrival of a teacher

Keywords - Protection, exclusion, development


Imagine an ivory light filtering down and encircling you. In the distance, the Ivory Tower beckons. You reach the castle, and the drawbridge slowly lowers. You enter the castle grounds and come to the tower. At the top of the stairs is a door. Inside is the place of no judgment. You have finally found your way home.


Third Chakra - Solar Plexus Chakra


The bronze boy, Darnel, was young when his father died, and he became the man of the family. Out for a walk one day many years later, he was mesmerized by the sight of children playing. As a child, he'd never played, and he hid behind a tree, crying bitterly, then quickly buried his emotions. At the very end of his life, on his way to heaven, he stopped at the park and finally reclaimed the inner child he had left behind many years before.

Inspiration - If you are unhappy in your relationships, you may be relating to others through a false sense of duty. Give up being something you're not.

Personal Inquiry - Bronze God is about reclaiming life. What have I done to heal my childhood pain?

Key Ideas - Disassociating from yourself, reclaiming your life, healing childhood pain

Keywords - Recovery, integration, play


Imagine yourself as a child, running and taking flight. Veer off to the clouds and find a playground in the sky. Swing, slide, laugh, and if you choose, find another child to play with. Enjoy yourself. While you are there, you will receive a message of some kind. You can ask your child-self if there is anything you need to know.


Fifth Chakra - Throat Chakra


Brad Blueberry paints and paints...and paints. He has no other time for anything other than perfecting his art. An elder blueberry reminds Brad that one day he will be too old and shrivelled, too, so he had better live life to the fullest. Brad takes the advice and discovers that having fun enriches and sharpens his art. He finds out that life is what makes work valuable.

Inspiration - Are you waiting to complete your career before you live your life? Busy work may be helping you hide from the real issues.

Personal Inquiry - Am I working too much and suffering from burnout? Is there something important that I am avoiding doing?

Key Ideas - Feelings of inadequacy, transformation indicated, not being fulfilled with work, heeding warnings, refreshing your mind to improve your work.

Keywords - Talent, fun, friends.


Six Chakra - Third Eye Chakra


Periwinkle is a small-town theatre actor with big-time talent. An agent arrives in town and is quite impressed with young Periwinkle. She offers him a contract, and he drops everything that once mattered to him to be available for fame. Feeling sure that his 'big break' is coming, he alienates his loved ones. He signs a contract with the agency, but there are no jobs - he is told he must wait for the right one. He learns that waiting for a dream is not as powerful as living a loving reality.

Inspiration - Running toward something may chase it away. Be wary of being deceived by your own desires.

Personal Inquiry - I take me with me wherever I go. Is there a part of my life that may be out of alignment with who I am?

Key Ideas - Chasing illusions, health matters, compulsive behaviour, dietary imbalance, being result-oriented, self-neglect, honouring values.

Keywords - Assistance, courtesy, support


Journey with Periwinkle. He tells you of the work he had to do to repair past mistakes. He says: "We all end up in the same place, so enjoy your journey." Sit with him. You will know when it is time to come back.


Fourth Chakra - Heart Chakra


One day, a young sagebrush asks his grandfather how to grow old with wisdom. The elders answer, " We must learn from our mistakes. Before you worry about something, ask yourself if it will be important in the future. Enjoy your present form, as we all change with time."

Inspiration - Is there some wise counsel that you have sought, only to ignore it? Are you trying to do things alone? A solution may come from those more experienced than yourself. Stay in the present moment, and do not let your thoughts jump ahead.

Personal Inquiry - Do I go with my heart - or against it? Am I ready to live in leadership?

Key Ideas - Wise counsel, focused energy, honouring yourself, contribution, being chosen, contentment, transformation.

Keywords - Maturity, tranquility, support


Second Chakra - Sacral Chakra

Self - Worth

The Salmon Chair appears to an Inuit child playing in the snow. Valley and River are the Salmon Chair's protectors. "I never get to see it," complains River; Valley whispers, "There are those who can close their eyes and see i." The child rushes home to tell her elders about the chair, but no one believes her, and she lies down exhausted. Later, the chair appears to her again. She climbs in and feels the Great Servant's love.

Inspiration - People, events, and material objects beyond your frame of reference are being drawn to you. Aim higher, for you will draw even greater experiences into your life. Allow your energy to grow. Receiving is an action.

Personal Inquiry - How do I relate to the word "deserving"? Am I ready to allow myself to receive what others may not?

Key Ideas - Greater knowledge, innocent curiosity, being rewarded, receiving divine love.

Keywords - Faith, self-love, value


Let go of any tension as you fall like a feather into the Salmon Chair. Imagine the chair receiving you. Feel yourself being filled with Salmon light. Stay there until you have received an abundance of energy from the light.


First Chakra - Root Chakra


At the end of her life, Flo reflects on the dream she shared with her late husband to move to Florida. They never went. After Flo dies, her daughter discovers that her parents had enough money to move there. As she plans what to do with her inheritance, she wonders why her parents never lived their dreams.

Inspiration - This is a warning not to give up! Beware of coasting along in a situation that is not what you really want. You will never be fulfilled by the unmet dreams of others.

Personal Inquiry - How can I redefine my dreams? How can I stop procrastinating?

Key Ideas - Finding self-nourishment, leaving dreams unrealised, feeling depleted, time for deep rest, lack of motivation, holding back.

Keywords - Daring, indomitability, reclamation.


Imagine yourself doing the very thing you desire. Can you feel the joy of participating in your dream? Look back at what you are leaving behind to live your dream. For example, how would you live with less money? When you are ready, move toward the joy. Open your eyes. What has been revealed?

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