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Step Two - Minor Arcana - Wands

Updated: Feb 25


Element - Fire

Zodiac Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Wands Meaning: Passion, Movement, Creativity, Self Expression, Work,

Business, Masculine Energy

Numbers the minor arcana represent:

Ace: New Beginnings, Two: Partnerships, Three: Activity, Four: Stillness, Five: Imbalance,

Six: Harmony, Seven: Potential, Eight: Change, Nine: Intensity, Ten: Completion & Endings.

Ace of Wands: Growth

All aces represent new beginnings. Notice that the wand being held is sprouting new leaves, symbolising new beginnings in career or business. A new job or business venture may be on the horizon. Any new beginning that is on the cards will turn out well.

Two of Wands: Vision

The ace indicates new beginnings; the two wands show the process of getting a project off the ground. Becoming successful needs impressive plans, hard work, and determination to turn dreams and projects into reality. Two may also indicate a partnership or collaboration related to a work project.

Three of Wands: Motivation

The number three invites energy and enthusiasm to everything, from work to relationships. Of course, more work may be needed to complete or achieve one's goals; however, like the two boats in the picture, you're heading in the right direction.

Four of Wands: Rewards

The four of wands indicate stability as a result of hard work. Heading off on holiday for some well-deserved rest may be an option, too. Notice how the wands are placed on each side reminds some of the twin-flame number 11:11, indicating talks of progressing further in a relationship or discussing marriage may be drawing closer.

Five of Wands: Competition

The card shows women in battle, yet they look unclear as to who or why they are fighting. Remember, conflicts, differences of opinion or petty arguments can be overcome quickly and calmly. If people are arguing around us, this card reminds us to stay clear and not get involved.

Six of Swords: Success

The V on the lady's earring signifies victory. Recognition for hard work, large followings, and praise are genuinely deserved. Be proud! An offering of love may also come forward when this card appears.

Seven of Swords: Endurance

The seven of swords may indicate ideas and beliefs may be challenged. Defending oneself is vital. Remaining calm and determined will give us good stead in overcoming any obstacles. Someone a little timid may need your help or advice to stand up to others.

Eight of Wands: Travel

The eight of wands may indicate everything is happening all at once. Swift-moving energy brings excitement and the arrival of good news. Words start to turn into actions, with travel and plans taking off.

Nine of Wands: Defence

The nine of wands may mean feeling zapped, drained, and finding life difficult to remain motivated. DON'T STOP! Success is in reaching distance. Keep battling through; only a little further!

Ten of Wands: Responsibility

Carrying all of the wands in one go looks utterly exhausting. Feeling weary and even teary with the responsibilities of life may seem a little overwhelming right now. However, juggling too much is never a good idea. Don't take on more than you can handle.

Page of Wands: Creativity

Pages represent youth; they are young, carefree, and energetic. A bearer of good news, the page may indicate a message, call, email, or letter that will put a smile on one's face to arrive shortly. Discovering a creative skill may come to fruition.

Knight of Wands: Activity

Knights, particularly on horses, indicate action. The horse represents movement so expect a move of some sort, either a house move or a long journey, to happen soon. But don't be too hasty mind. Although it may be rather exciting, check over documents and contracts.

Queen of Wands: Passion

Nothing is too much trouble for the beautiful Queen of Wands. Attractive inside and out, cheerful, even whilst constantly on the go. Family and friends mean everything to her. The Queen is regarded as a loyal person to have in one's life. She has an infectious energy to be around and leads by example.

King of Wands: Practicality

Always full of creative ideas, the King of Wands may appear impulsive, hot-headed, and unafraid to take risks. However, a good leader, teacher, or boss to look up to. The king is happiest when creating.

If you missed step one, please click the link below to take you to Major Arcana:

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