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Step Three - Minor Arcana - Cups

Updated: Feb 25


Element - Water - female, passive and nurturing

Zodiac Signs: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio

Cups Meaning: Emotions & Relationships

Numbers the minor arcana represent:

Ace: New Beginnings, Two: Partnerships, Three: Activity, Four: Stillness, Five: Imbalance,

Six: Harmony, Seven: Potential, Eight: Change, Nine: Intensity, Ten: Completion & Endings.

Ace of Cups: Love

Ace cards symbolise beginnings. Water represents emotions; with those combinations, the ace of cups may indicate the start of a new relationship. If you are already in a relationship, this card indicates a sense of renewal in love. This card may also represent the birth of a child.

Two of Cups: - Partnership

A welcome card with regards to romance. The two cups indicate relationship growth, commitment, engagement, marriage, harmony, balance, and kindness. Feeling content within a relationship will make one's heart sing.

Three of Cups: Reunion

Get your glad rags on; a celebration or gathering with friends or family is on the cards. In addition, invitations to parties, weddings, or christenings may increase.

Four of Cups: Boredom

Feeling dissatisfied with something or someone in your life. It's time to get motivated or miss the opportunities being offered to you (notice the above cup being ignored).

Five of Cups: Sadness

The five cups represent the loss of something that may have happened unexpectedly or the feeling of disappointment or being let down in some way may be hard to shake off. Although it is a sad time, notice only three cups have fallen in the card. The two remaining upright may hold something extraordinary. All may not be lost.

Six of Cups: Reflection

Someone from the past is returning, an old friend or old romantic partner. With past situations returning, this may leave one either excited or confused; if the latter, maybe it's time to address the situation—generally an optimistic card.

Seven of Cups: Possibility

Choices, Choices! The seven cups are full of different passions and opportunities, but which one to choose? View the choices realistically and decide which path to pursue. Be sure not to leave empty-handed, or that opportunity you've been waiting for may disappear.

Eight of Cups: Change

It is time to move on from something that no longer serves us, maybe a relationship, job, home, or other commitments. Although it may be difficult at first, you know now is the right time.

Nine of Cups: Wishes

One of the most promising cards in tarot. The wish being made time and time again is about to be granted. All parts of your life are about to flourish with the nine of cups, making you feel content and fulfilled.

Ten of Cups: Completion

The ultimate card for love and happiness, providing stability to relationships. Ten of cups represents happiness in the home life with promising success in a relationship. It is a beautiful card everyone hopes to see in a reading.

Page of Cups: Imagination

A young person or someone young at heart has much to offer you and others. The messenger of love is on their way. Creativity and finances are also on the up.

Knight of Cups: Proposals

A romantic proposal is on its way; however, remain cautious. The knight of cups may live in his own world and may not be consistent. The picture on the card shows the knight focused only on their cup, not where they are heading.

Queen of Cups: Sensitivity

The Queen of Hearts is a compassionate soul who is gentle to anyone who comes her way. Affectionate to others, the Queen may pick up if someone needs support. Although sensitive, people may take advantage. She may seem a little dreamy or unrealistic and dislikes confrontations.

King of Cups: Understanding

When the King of Cups commits, he remains loyal for life. Sensitive, yet may not show it. A king who is gentle and loving to be around will ensure everyone is looked after and cared for. If in a relationship with the King of Cups, you will be treated like a Queen. May come across as a little sulky or childlike, though.

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Deck Used: The Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle

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