Soulmate, Twinflame, & Karmic Relationships

Updated: May 27, 2021

We have all heard the term soulmate, yet the term twin flame seems a little less known. Twin flame connections are equally, if not more so important than a soulmate connection, and as for Karmic relationships, well, I wish that one didn't exist.

I am sure we have all thought we have experienced a soulmate connection throughout our lives (us older ones reading this), but what is a soulmate connection? What is the difference between a soulmate, a twin flame, and a karmic relationship, surprisingly quite a lot?


Soulmate definition - A person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner, or the definition I prefer is - the person who does the same weird things you do.

Every one of us is unique; we have been created that way for a reason. As my lovely mum would say, 'if we were all the same, wouldn't the world be a boring place?' and she sure is correct. So bear in mind everyone's experiences may differ ever so slightly.

A soulmate connection will almost definitely include an instant familiarity with one another. Not many people are aware a soulmate doesn't have to be a romantic partner. You know those people you just seem to bond with instantly at school, work, in your street, a night out, and now online. The particular family member you unexpectantly connect with, the friends of friends or Joe from your local, well they can become a soulmate too. Some of them you may meet briefly, but there is no denying the spark, that energy, the same energy that radiates from the two of you, allowing you both to connect.

When you get to know each other that little better, you may notice your hobbies or interests may differ, yet you're both on the same page, singing from the same hymn sheet. Your outlook on life is similar or the same. On paper, the connection shouldn't work, yet it does. You become friends, best of friends, you're more comfortable with them than anyone else you have ever met. Your communication is clear, and your intuition with each other is spot on. Surprisingly you enjoy each other's company yet don't need to be in each other's pockets.

Empathetic towards each other, knowing or sensing if the other is troubled by something. The person who knows you inside and out. The person who makes you feel calm, happy and who brings out the very best in you.

A soulmate's purpose is to bring spiritual awareness not just to their journey and life's experiences but yours too, enabling you both to transcend to a higher state of consciousness. Many pairings in films and books shouldn't work yet, such as Cece and Hillary from Beaches, Belle and the Beast, or Johnny and Baby from Dirty Dancing (can you tell I'm old school?). All on completely different paths, yet when their paths cross, they just click, supporting each other through thick and thin, encouraging each other's growth.

You may hear people say their soulmate makes them feel complete. I don't think a soulmate enters your life to complete you. I believe you, and you only can create this yourself. Your soulmate will enter your life for a reason, not just so you can create some awesome memories, but most importantly, they will come into your life to awaken your soul and to be there to share your life experiences, both the highs and the lows.

A wonderful, spiritual connection, when found, should be treasured.

Twin Flames

As for twin flames, I say this with a smile on my face; they enter your life at the most unexpected time in your life. Just as your breezing through life, minding your own business, bam, they appear, like literally just friggin appear.

Whereas soulmates are two separate souls, twin flames are believed to be one soul split into two bodies. Your experience and journey with a twin flame will be truly unique, unexplained, and bloody confusing one, mirroring each other throughout your life here on Earth. Sadly most of those life experiences will most likely be complex or challenging, ensuring the valuable lessons you both came here to learn are accomplished in the hope of positive spiritual growth together. Twins have the choice of reincarnating together or separately; however, it may depend on the specific lessons involved. One twin may reincarnate with the other remaining behind on the soul's plane to assist from there. If both reincarnate, they will experience life's journeys together.

Similar to a soulmates connection, you will find a twin flames connection a bit more intense. When you meet, you will instantly feel a connection. You will feel completely loved up and on cloud nine. They may be the complete opposite to your usual type; you may be like chalk and cheese; however, you will feel like you have known this person your whole life. You will feel safe and content around this person. You will most likely be the yin to their yang, the calm to their storm, or the night to their day complementing each other in ways nobody else can.

Interestingly it is said before you meet or reunite with your twin, you may start noticing the twin-flame code 11:11 a lot, indicating your soul's counterpart will appear in your life very soon. It all sounds highly romantic. However, the twin flame connection can more often than not be tense or emotional, you may have a very on-off relationship, or devastatingly you may happen to meet at the wrong time in life. Even if this happens, you will find your paths will cross many times throughout your life, making life seem unfair and even questioning why this person came into your life when you cannot be with them. Although utterly heartbreaking, it indicates your spiritual journey together is just beginning. Be prepared, mind, this journey isn't just a couple of stops on a bus or train ride; this could go on for years, 5, 10, or even 20+.

It honestly does sound so unfair, but don't lose hope just yet!

Once twin flames meet each other, there is no going back. Expect to be on one hell of a ride, like a rollercoaster, the adrenaline making your heartbeat that little bit faster, yet feeling a little sick or lightheaded, with your emotions being tossed all over the place.

Stirring up old emotions from the past, long before you met them, feelings you'd rather forget. They come into your life to touch you in places unbeknown to you, not just erotically but emotionally. Anything bottled away inside you, harming your inner peace, will be brought to the surface by this person (often without them realising) in order for you to release the pain and free yourself from the heavy burden you've been carrying around. Circumstances will begin to change; you may become a little frightened of how powerful this connection is and try to leg it. Almost in all twin flame relationships, one person will walk away. You may eventually feel like you have moved on, but you'll find soon enough you just can't get that person out of your head or your heart, no matter how hard you try. Appearing in your dreams and even communicating telepathically. The very amazing and beautiful bond between you both is simply unbreakable.

I am sweetly reminded of the beautiful love story The Notebook by Nicolas Sparks. No matter how many times I watch that movie, I get a lump in my throat trying to stop myself from crying, but the tears still flow. Those of you who have seen it will, I'm sure, know what I am talking about. We all hope to find true love like Noah and Ali's. However, their relationship is the perfect example of a twin flame connection. Ali wealthy, Noah coming across as reasonably poor; you would think their paths would never have crossed, yet they do. Noah knew the moment he set eyes on Ali, she was the one and remained adamant he would win Ali over; with fierce determination, he succeeded, but it would be short-lived. Family members and the wealth divide coming between their love, they would eventually move on with their lives, meeting new partners, yet that connection between them never died. It wasn't easy, and certain sacrifices had to be made in order to complete the journeys they were on, yet they made them because they simply knew they were destined for each other.

I know it's fiction, but there is a message in there for everyone if you look deep enough.

Twin flame connections are pretty rare. Although there are plenty of lessons learned from them, they should never be confused or put into the same category as a karmic relationship (see below). Your twin is here to connect with you. To make you see the very best of yourself, love you for who you truly are, help you overcome the negativity you have endured throughout your life, and to live with you as one. You may spend many years separated, but usually, once you have completed healing past life wounds, you will finally be reunited. Everything will fall into place. Your unbreakable bond will have increased tenfold.

It is difficult to align with yourself, but to align with someone else is a true gift, a true blessing, and a love genuinely sacred.


Similar to soulmates and twin flames, when you meet, you will feel an instant connection. They will enter your life to ensure you teach yourself the valuable lessons of healing your inner soul; sadly, that's where the similarities end.

Sometimes it's hard to believe you would have made an agreement for your paths to even cross with this person before ascending here on Earth. Unfortunately, you have usually agreed to this because there are lessons from past lives that remain unresolved,

Karmic relationships can be pretty unpleasant. Although they may start blissfully happy, and loving they can quickly become toxic, creating an unhealthy addiction within the relationship. You may notice behavior patterns emerging, making you feel uncomfortable, with excuses being made to downplay certain actions because of the love you think you both hold for each other. You may notice their loving comments when you first got together have been replaced by unkind remarks, making your heart shatter into millions of tiny pieces. Instead of that person mending the damage they have created, they continue, maybe even blaming you for their actions even though you have done nothing wrong. You think about perhaps speaking to someone about it, your best friend possibly? But you notice they have troubles of their own, and you don't want to burden them with yours, or you feel embarrassed about admitting your life doesn't match up to those happy, smiling couples plastered all over your social media.

The truth is, I am yet to speak to one person who has been in that perfect relationship we all thought we would be in when we were younger. However, a karmic relationship is not acceptable. Another person should never inflict pain on or towards someone they love.

What we should all remember is we're never alone. No matter what relationship we encounter throughout our lifetime, whether romantic or platonic, each one will come into our lives for a reason. It's down to us and us only to figure out what to do if difficulties arise, but it doesn't mean we can't ask for help. Just because that one friend may have a lot on his or her plate right now, don't give up; look for others who may be able to offer some advice or guidance to help you through. There are plenty of Earth angels out there sent to help those in need; all you have to do is gently reach out and help them find you.

Everyone deserves to experience genuine love, happiness and to create wonderful memories but remember the most important love of all is the love from within.

** see note.

Sending love and light


**Note: If you or somebody you know may need help or advice regarding a relationship, please call the 24-hour helpline below or click the yellow link to an advice page where you can start a live chat with a professional.

0808 2000 247

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