Spirt Guides

A Spirit Guide is an entity that remains as a discarnate spirit to act as a guide or protector to a living incarnated human. Their role is to simply help us remember who we truly are.

Most people will associate their spirit guide or guides as being a deceased loved one, such as a parent, grandparent, sibling, friend, etc.., and many will find great comfort in knowing this; however, some spirit guides may live as energy in the cosmic realm or as light begins, which are very high-level spirit guides who have lived many former lifetimes, paid their karmic debt, and advanced beyond a need to reincarnate.

Many people do not believe in things like this and sadly may even feel a little frightened at the thought of it, but let me reassure you there is no need to be alarmed, concerned, or frightened of your spirit guide. They are extraordinary, here to guide, love, protect and get you through those challenging times in life. Encouraging you to access guidance, inspiration, and support throughout your spiritual development.

I have always felt a powerful spiritual guidance around me since I was young; sadly, I didn't always listen to them and often ignored their messages, guidance, and help, not through ignorance but because I didn't quite understand it. It almost went against what my religion taught me, yet those we are told to pray to and ask for guidance in that religion are spirits. 🤔

When we reincarnate, we forget everything, who we are, and why we're here. We forget that life is an experience. Everything we do is an experience, whether that be trying new things, bungee jumping from the tallest bridge, or simply taking a walk; you will see, taste, breath, and encounter different feelings each time. The senses humans are gifted are no coincidence; they are the perfect way for our spirit guides to communicate with us.

Spirit guides can communicate in many different ways through our senses, words, images, feelings, songs, symbols, or number sequences. We will come across millions of symbols throughout our lifetime, some we acknowledge and some we don't. Your spirit guide will most likely tap into your memory box, bringing forward one of these as a way of connecting with you. It could literally be anything, anything to an outsider that is, yet to you, that symbol may mean the world; to you, it reminds you of something or someone very special that only you could possibly know.

When you start to acknowledge these, take note of what you were thinking of at the time, looking at, or doing, your guides are trying to get your attention, maybe with a helpful message to something you've needed help with? I have been fortunate enough to encounter many communications between myself and my guides through songs, nature, numbers, dreams, but the one that gives me goosebumps each time are the rainbows.

Meditation is another wonderful way of allowing your guides to connect with you and you to connect to them. It allows you to build a bridge between the two realms by raising your consciousness. Whilst meditating, you begin to slow your mind; your body becomes relaxed, allowing you to expand your aura, increasing your vibrations and spiritual experience.

Many of us connect with our guides whilst we are sleeping, connecting with them on the fifth or sixth dimensions, bearing in mind we are present in the third dimension, which makes this pretty awesome. Some people keep a dream journal, writing their dreams down as soon as they wake to check for patterns or messages they may miss when awake.

Our Spirit guides are simply incredible. They know us better than we know ourselves. A beautiful relationship, an unbreakable bond. They are with us to raise our vibrations, encourage us to be kind to ourselves, and release any negative blockages that may be holding us back either from this life or previous lifetimes. So you see, there is truly nothing to be frightened of; they are the best friend you cant see. They always have your back, always there for you; all you have to do is reach out and let them guide you.

Sending Love & Light


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