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Updated: Feb 25

What is an Empath?

An Empath can understand and connect deeply to the feelings of others. Of course, all humans are capable of experiencing this; however, an empath can take things to a whole other level.

Not only do empaths feel the emotions of others, but they also take on the feelings of others too. They are tuned in to specific energetic frequencies from humans to plants, which most people are not sensitive to. Life for an empath can sometimes feel like a rollercoaster, not just because of their own life experiences but because of the life experiences of others who come into their lives.

Empaths have a huge heart, putting others before themselves almost always. This, however, may lead to a shift in their gentle frequency. Empaths are full of love, nurture, and compassion, offering it to those in need, yet sadly, for many who have not been awakened to their unique gift, this beautiful energy may become overshadowed.

Their kindness and compassion to others may be shown as weakness, with some even being taken advantage of, allowing their once beautiful soul to become confused or resentful. Some may have been brought up in an environment where they may have been made to feel uncomfortable about showing their softer side, having to hide their empathic ways while continuing through life. Still, like anything, there is always hope; something as powerful as being an empath cannot be genuinely lost; it just needs to find its way back to the surface to shine again. Everyone is very different and will experience different journeys and paths, so not everything mentioned here may resonate.

Not needing much in life, empaths may find planet Earth a little overwhelming. Some may class empaths' lives as dull. Not showing much interest in the latest fashions, gadgets, or gossip, empaths are likelier to prefer second-hand items with a bit of character or a story to tell. They appreciate the smaller things in life, like a letter in the mail, a heartwarming message, or simply knowing their loved ones are happy. Empaths may find loud noises, large crowds, and bright lights unpleasant, preferring a cosy night in, maybe a little star gazing in their garden, reading a book, or a giant bubble bath coming across as more enticing than a wild night out.

With far too many distractions and temptations here on Earth, empaths can have their moments, too. Apart from loving and caring, they can be incredibly indecisive, creating unnecessary worry for themselves and others. Schedules and timings are known to be put on the back burner, infuriating many waiting for them or a piece of their work. They may also be self-conscious, paranoid, or co-dependent on others, solely relying on one person in their life. Assuming everyone feels like them, they may also become frustrated with those who don't understand them.

There are many types of empaths out there; however, I am only going to mention the most popular ones people will most likely resonate with:


An emotional empath is likely the most popular. Feeling the emotions of their loved ones, they become sympathetic and compassionate to those who may be suffering. This may not only be picked up in the physical. Emotional empaths may feel their loved ones lower vibrations from a distance, experiencing a gut feeling that something isn't quite right.

Narcissists are likely to be drawn to emotional empaths as their energy and caring nature is unavoidable, their kindness and positive energy being drained or taken advantage of.

It is vitally important that all empaths learn how to protect themselves from these negative energies. Be sure to put your guard up. Empaths may feel uncomfortable doing this at first as it is not in their nature; however, if this is the only thing you do for yourselves, be sure to do it. The world needs positive and beautiful souls like yours to continue to shine your light; allowing your light to dim slightly will benefit no one.


Environmental empaths are pretty impressive. They can pick up energetic vibrations of objects and materials and may stand out more due to their quirky styles. As mentioned above, this type of empath may prefer pre-used clothing, furniture, or gadgets. Often drawn to natural materials such as wood, rocks, crystals, or anything organic, they may be found volunteering for environmental projects such as protecting wildlife, geological restorations, or simply keeping their neighbourhood litter-free.

While meditating, environmental empaths may foresee natural incidents before they happen. Meditation and walking on soil or grass will help these empaths remain grounded and unfazed by life.


Similar to emotional empaths, physical empaths can also pick up on someone's physical pain within the body and other sensations, such as physical touch or sexual feelings. Able to see the pain within the body, too, these empaths may well be or could eventually be holistic healers. To become a successful natural healer, you will need training in whichever field you may be drawn to. If not done correctly, you may take on the other person's physical pain, becoming ill yourself. Therefore, protection is vital, particularly with physical empaths.


Precognitive empaths usually feel their ability through dreams and visions; unfortunately, non-believers can deem this ability foolish. This can have a profound negative effect on these empaths as they start to doubt themselves and their intuition. They may find living in the present difficult, with dreams and visions of the future possibly coming true; precognitive empaths may find living in the future in their mind's eye easier than living in the present; however, this may create unwanted anxiety. These empaths may benefit from meditating and working on clearing any blockages from their chakras. There is also a wonderful person named Eckhart Tolle who teaches us how to live in the present and may be worth looking into.

If you feel like an empath yet do not resonate with any of the above, keep searching; just because how you feel or see the world hasn't been mentioned above does not mean it doesn't exist. It is hard for empaths to look out for themselves; however, please try. Remain grounded; declutter your living environment, and as harsh as it may sound, decluttering the harmful or toxic people from your life may help, too. Love makes the world go around, but if those sharing their love are not looking after themselves, the love and light won't be able to shine as brightly.

Keep lighting up the world with your beautiful souls.

Love and Light


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