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Clair Senses - What Psychic Ability Do You Have?

Clair senses are psychic abilities in tune with our five senses: listening, sight, touch, taste and smell. It is believed everyone is born with a psychic gift, be it clairaudience or natural gut instinct. Whether our gift is big or small, each is known to have the ability to acquire information that would usually be considered impossible.

Becoming aware of these paranormal gifts may be easier for some than others. Many reincarnated souls usually come to the Earth school to break previous trauma and karmic patterns. Continuing our life journey without releasing current or past life energies will significantly affect our progress in our intuitive development.

Many famous beings are associated with clair senses; my two favourites are Edgar Cayce and Joan of Arc.

Edgar Cayce was one of a kind. Known as the 'sleeping prophet' and 'the father of holistic medicine', for forty years of his adult life, he gifted his extraordinary talents to thousands of seekers, helping them release negative energy, revealing past lives, diagnosing illnesses and foreseeing future events. Edgar's simple reply was "to become more spiritual" when asked how to become more psychic. One of the first psychics to relay information regarding 'The Hall of Records' (Akashic records), his mind-blowing readings relating to Atlantis and its location as well as Ancient Egypt, specifically the purpose and prophecies regarding the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx, are a must read.

Joan of Arc was a medieval French peasant girl gifted with the ability to hear specific voices, known as clairaudience. From age twelve, Joan began to hear the voices of Saints, including that of Michael and various Angels, giving her information on how she could help Charles VII save France from English domination, to which she succeeded. If you are unfamiliar with Joan of Arc's story, I highly recommend searching it online.

The four most commonly known clair senses are clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognisance; the lesser known are clairgustance, clairalience and clairtangency. All are unique, and no one is less talented or more special than the other. Awakening to our spiritual gifts awakens a part of our soul we were unaware of. A more profound knowledge of ourselves and how we navigate our way through each life becomes clear. Our hearts, eyes, and minds are opened to the mysteries of the universe.


Clairvoyance comes from the French words clair, meaning clear and voyance, meaning vision. An inner sense of seeing enables a person with this gift to recognise images, places, people, and objects beyond their physical surroundings. Clairvoyance can also be divided into three categories. The ability to predict future events, see past events, and remote viewing, the latter known as a trained skill rather than a natural gift. Clearing any blockages from our third eye chakra will enhance clairvoyance abilities.


Clairaudience is the inner sense of sound. Those with this gift will hear voices, messages, names, dates, song lyrics, and melodies from an unphysical source. Clairaudients refer to each sound coming from their inner ear rather than our usual range. Clearing any blockages from our throat chakra will help enhance clairaudience abilities.


Clairsentience is maybe the most common of the psychic senses. It is the ability to energetically sense the emotions or feelings of people, animals, or surroundings. Like all clair scenses, the psychic level will depend on each person's consciousness. The solar plexus chakra is linked to feelings; therefore, clearing blockages from this area will enhance our ability to become more in tune with specific energies.


Claircognisance is the ability to acquire psychic knowledge without knowing how or why. Many of us will have experienced this in our lives. An understanding or insight of a specific topic, place or person will randomly appear without any logical explanation. Is our subconscious playing tricks on us, or are our psychic abilities becoming more profound? Working on our crown chakra and releasing any blocks from this area will enhance this ability and more.


Clairgustance is the ability to taste flavours. Those with this ability can identify food or substances from spiritual realms through taste. The taste may bring back memories from childhood or a friend or relative. Is there a hidden message in this gift? Do we need to become more fun and carefree like our younger years? Or maybe it is a sign from a loved one letting us know they are with us. Working on our throat chakra and becoming more aware of this gift can benefit us greatly.


Clairalience is the ability to identify smells and odours not physically present in or around our current surroundings. The smell of tobacco and flowery scents is the most common when speaking to those with this gift. This usually indicates a passed-over loved one is close by. Various scents can be a quick and easy way for souls to connect with those on the Earth plane.


Clairtangency is the ability to touch and receive information through an object. Many clairvoyants will be gifted with this ability, usually asking a client for an item belonging to either them or a loved one to relay messages. However, we do not have to be clairvoyant to have this ability. One with this ability may receive sudden insights from a handshake to touching a beautiful old tree. These insights may relate to the past, present or future through emotions, visions, sounds, and smells. Working on our sacral chakra will enhance clairtangency abilities.

Love & Light


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