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Root Chakra

Updated: Feb 24

Continuing from the blocked chakra blog, below are tips and advice to help us work, heal or unblock our root chakra.

The root chakra is placed at the base of the spine/genital area and is linked to the reproductive system, spine, large intestine, feet, and legs. We may notice health issues in these areas, including lower back pain, endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, IBS, bowel issues, and circulation issues in the feet or legs if one's root chakra becomes blocked. The root chakra is also linked to our adrenal glands. These are two small triangular-shaped glands located at the top of both kidneys. These glands may be small, but they produce hormones that help regulate our metabolism, immune system, and blood pressure, significantly impacting how we deal with stress.

Each chakra has a colour. The Root chakra is linked to the colour red, a robust and powerful colour representing love and passion. When this chakra becomes blocked or unbalanced, these areas of our lives may suffer. Red also represents blood, which, of course, keeps us alive. Blood and chakras are similar as they can both become blocked, making us unwell, slowing us down, and causing many issues.

For chakras to become blocked or unbalanced, we may have experienced some trauma in our past; these can be recent, go back to childhood, or even be brought forward from previous lives. We may have had an unpleasant childhood, felt neglected or unloved, lost a loved one at a young age, blamed ourselves for our parent's separation, or been bullied at school. These examples are pretty traumatic for adults, let alone a child. As children, we are less experienced with our emotions, not knowing what to do or how to feel.

Those of a certain age will likely have been brought up with family members and friends never speaking about their emotions, with everyone just seemingly getting on with it, with life and pushing to the back of their mind any upsetting or traumatic experience they may have encountered, likely feeling a burden or foolish for speaking out.

Fortunately, times have changed. We are much more open today regarding speaking about what may be troubling us. The help of accessible books and online advice is tremendous, and various helplines and support, helpful physicians, mindfulness apps, and more are significant steps in beginning the process of letting go.

We are all here for a reason and deserve peace and harmony to enjoy our experience. Unfortunately, upsetting experiences will occur, and some will be more traumatic than others. If you're reading this, I believe you have been guided to learn more about chakras, particularly the root chakra. The root chakra is where our fear is held; this fear may well try to hold us back from moving forward in life, releasing it and any negative energy we may be holding on to. However, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. By believing in ourselves and having some faith, it is possible to successfully achieve the complex process of freeing ourselves.

Below are some excellent tips on how to work with and help our root chakra recover.

Letting Go:

Pick up a pen and some paper and begin to release the negative beliefs, thoughts and memories that are being stored inside.

When you have finished, please do not read it back. Go outside with your paper, some matches and a fireproof bowl/bin, and light the paper. Every painful emotion will begin to crumble and turn to ash. This is a small but helpful way of starting the process of letting go.

Yoga, Child Pose


The child pose is lovely and easy if you are new to yoga. It allows us to relax, concentrate on breathing, and slow down the mind.


Linked above is a root chakra healing guided meditation video on YouTube. This one may not suit all; however, plenty are out there, so search for a more suitable one.


Being the root chakra, eating any root vegetable will help you to feel grounded whilst working on this area, such as carrots, parsnips, potatoes, onions, beetroot, garlic, turnips, and ginger.

Red fruits like red apples, strawberries, cherries, watermelon, pomegranates and tomatoes, as well as lentils, green peas, spinach, broccoli, almonds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, tofu, quinoa, soy milk will all benefit your root chakra.


Vitamin C is an excellent vitamin for boosting our adrenal glands.


Water and herbal teas. Hot water with a slice of ginger dandelion, sage, and elderflower teas are also beneficial.


Red Jasper and Tigers Eye

(Chakra crystal boxes can be found on the shop page)

Essential oils:

Earthy essential oils like sandalwood, cedarwood, rosewood, patchouli, ginger, and black pepper all work well with the root chakra.

Books & Authors:

Eckhart Tolle - The Power of Now

Eckhart talks about how it is essential to live in the now rather than focusing on the past or the future. Again, it may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's just some recommendations I have read that may help you.

Suzanne Adams - Girl Awakened

I recommend this book if you have recently been awakened and are new to all of this. I could relate to so much of it, an excellent read.

Vex King - Good Vibes, Good Life

Vicki Vrint - The Little Book of Daily Rituals

Rebecca Campbell - Rise Sister Rise

Root Chakra Oracle Card

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