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Are you a Starseed?

Updated: Feb 22

I love the word Starseed. Whenever I think of it, it somehow reminds me of a dandelion. The original golden yellow flower must die to see the beautiful puff the dandelion creates. The transition between the yellow flower and puff begins, allowing it to reincarnate as a pretty, mysterious ball of magic. Handpicked by an individual, their wishes hopes, and dreams are whispered into the delicate seeds before the beautiful puff is blown away. Each seed parted ways from its family with the help and encouragement of Mother Earth's gentle breeze, gliding each one to its new destination, their new life to start all over, just like a soul reincarnating each time.

Starseeds or Starpeople are multidimensional beings who believe their souls have originated from another world, planet, or realm. Starseeds are highly spiritual individuals who come to Earth to uplift the human race, help the Earth, or heal and improve the frequency of the planet.

There are believed to be over 10 billion galaxies in the Universe, with 100 billion - trillion stars; that's an awful lot of realms. No wonder we are all so unique.

Starseeds come to Earth to experience a human body and learn through the many lessons they have previously agreed to for their souls' growth. Some souls come to Earth for personal development; others come to assist the growth of humanity, with many agreeing to participate in both.

Unfortunately, Starseeds will most likely reincarnate into a human body, not knowing where they have come from or why they are even here. However, as they go through life, everything becomes clear. Their specific interests, the like-minded people they attract, and the places they are drawn to all play a significant role in their incredible experience. The valuable lessons learned over time slowly awaken them.

Are you a Starseed?

If you are a Starseed, you would have most likely noticed you are different from those around you, including family members. You may have felt different from your friends at a young age, not quite fitting in; your interests or dress sense may have been a bit 'unusual' compared to theirs. You may have felt you needed to change your interests or looks to be accepted, but of course, you're a beautiful Starseed; you're not here to change who you are but to show the world how amazing it is to be one's self. This may well be one of your essential missions, to raise awareness to others that it is ok to be themselves; what a beautiful reason to reincarnate.

You may also notice you have a particular fascination with the night sky. When you stand underneath it and look up, it makes you smile. You may be interested in astronomy or notice that you're always drawn to a particular star or cluster of stars when you look up. As a youngster, you may have had a deep interest in a specific planet or been a curious child, with many questions regarding space or ancient civilizations remaining unanswered even throughout adulthood.

You are intuitive or have psychic abilities. This may start with little things like knowing who is on the phone before you answer it, thinking of someone, and then receiving a message from them or bumping into them in the street. Dreams and premonitions coming true or a solid ability to connect with other realms indicate you are a Starseed. You may even notice how all ages are drawn to you; you may be a teenager sitting on a bench next to someone in their nineties, yet they feel compelled to tell you their life story. You may notice babies and animals are particularly drawn to you, too.

The feeling that Earth isn't 'home' is another indication. You may experience feelings of not belonging here, but you know you're here to complete a mission, and once it's completed, you can't wait to get back home to where you truly belong. Bear in mind this is just a snippet of what is out there regarding Starseeds; we are all unique, and not everyone will experience the same feelings,

There are well-known types of Starseeds that have evolved from certain stars or planets to share their beautiful knowledge and wisdom with humanity. Those being:

Andromedan Starseeds

Andromedan Starseeds are Intelligent, telepathic, and the masters of anything scientific. They are dedicated to bringing new technology and holistic forms of healing to the Universe. Beautiful beings bringing peace and love to humanity.

Arcturian Starseeds

These fifth-dimensional beings are the teachers for those ascending to Earth, helping them accustom to Earth's ways. Arcturian Starseeds will evolve to become spiritual shamans and healers for humanity.


Originating from the Lyra constellation, we are most likely to associate the Feline Starseeds with the Gods and Goddesses of ancient Egypt or other civilizations with a similar background. Both psychic and telepathic, feline Starseeds incarnate to inspire humanity's creativity and develop their spiritual skills.

Indigo, Crystal, or Rainbow Starseeds

These unique beings have supernatural abilities here on Earth, from prophecy to telepathy. They are also believed to have strong links to specific Archangels, such as the lovely Michael and Gabriel. They may struggle at school, particularly with retaining information. They find it easy to detach themselves from the physical world, preferring their own company. Rainbow children are the latest wave of healing souls to come to Earth.


An extraordinary being. Collects their knowledge and wisdom from various planets and realms. Their purpose on Earth is to spread kindness, goodness, and love and raise everyone's frequency. Not beholden to any planet, society, or mission, they work solely for the light.

Lemurian & Atlantean Starseeds

They were believed to be the first Starseed tribe to exchange races from other planets. Similar to Maldek, Atlantians sadly destroyed their planet through greed and disease. However, some advanced souls from here were rescued and became Starseeds, hoping to stop history from repeating itself. Here, to create a peaceful and harmonious feel to the planet. They hold the codes to these lost lands; their mission is to replenish what once was.

Maldek Starseeds

Maldek citizens are believed to have depended highly on robotic technologies. It is said they sadly destroyed their planet through this. Maldek Starseeds evolve to inspire people to make brighter and wiser decisions.

Orion Starseeds

Orion Starseeds will question EVERYTHING, constantly looking for answers. They are here to help everyone understand the importance of science. Their mission is to understand their emotions and matters of the heart.

Pleiadian Starseeds

Fifth-dimensional beings are believed to be record keepers for Earth. More emotionally and spiritually evolved than others. Pleiadians are highly creative, encouraging humanity to expand their consciousness.

Sirian Starseeds

Sirian Starseeds come from the brightest star in the sky, originating from Vega in the Lyra constellation, the home of Earth's ancestors. Sirius has an A and B planet; it is believed Jesus and Mother Mary ascended from Sirius A. Sirian Starseeds are old souls, some highly advanced in architecture or technology. Sirian Starseed's missions are to bring peace and harmony to the planet and bring ascension to humanity, helping to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

If you are interested in finding out more about Starseeds, please do. There is so much information about this fascinating topic online, in books, documentaries, and films. Be warned; once you find out more, you'll be hooked.

A message to all of you, beautiful Starseeds, who are here to help the planet. Keep up the excellent work. We need you more than ever right now xx.

Sending love and light


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