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What Is A Blocked Chakra?

Updated: Feb 22

We all have seven primary chakras, these being:

Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown chakra.

Each chakra is located at specific points of the body (pictured below), and when blocked or unbalanced, it can create particular health or negative issues within these areas. Chakras are essential to the body; they allow us to achieve our goals throughout life, feel a sense of peace from within and understand the world and ourselves more clearly. Feeling sluggish, lacking motivation, anxious or fearful, or the feeling of life constantly going around in circles and never seeming to get anywhere may indicate one or more chakras may be blocked.

Blocked chakras can be inherited from our ancestors, and their beliefs and ways of doing things are passed down from generation to generation. Even particular karmas can be passed down, too. The root chakra is the first to be developed as a fetus, so this would make perfect sense when inheriting certain traits. However, our ancestors don't always mean our recent ones. These traits could be inherited through lifetimes. Of course, blocked chakras can also be misdoing, neglecting ourselves, choosing the wrong paths or people, or allowing others to be rude or abusive to us. The most common emotions stored in these areas are from childhood trauma; this could range from a traumatic birth, feeling neglected and unloved growing up, losing a loved one, bullying at school, parents separating, or more.

Humans are all too good at blocking out their wounded past. If there were an award for it, I would have won a fair few myself. Unfortunately, no matter how good we are at blocking negative or traumatic emotions out, they will eventually creep back into our lives until they have been released properly.

Although we may not be ready to deal with upsetting life experiences when they happen, these experiences unfortunately remain in us, blocking our soul's growth. The longer we hold onto them, the longer they hold us back.

Everyone's life experience is different. Everyone is unique; we all deal with things differently, and some healing techniques that may work for one may not work for another. Some may use meditation to remove blockages, but others may need further help.

Emotional wounds create scars which may take time to heal. To achieve this, we must remember to treat them, allowing them to fade eventually. Never be ashamed of the scars we carry; once healed, look at them as a reminder of how far we have come, how strong we are, and how beautiful we are. Remain strong and refuse to allow them to hold us back further.

To achieve this, we must love ourselves, warts and all, realise we deserve happiness, and believe it. Life isn't easy; I think we can all agree on that. However, life is here to be lived, and we must be able to look forward to the future. Working on our chakras will release negative energy that has built up and allow us to better work with and understand our emotions to deal with further issues that may arise calmly and positively.

Sending love and light



Root Chakra - Benefits - Courageous

Root Chakra - Blockages - Lethargic, fearful, anxious, lack of motivation, lower back pain, arms, legs, hands and feet, rectum and anus, nervous system, adrenal glands.


Sacral Chakra - Benefits - Healthy Relationships

Sacral Chakra - Blockages - Low self-esteem, body issues, low sex drive, reproductive issues, low back pain, urinary/kidney infections, large intestine.


Solar Plexus Chakra - Benefits - Sense of Purpose

Solar Plexus Chakra - Blockages - Lack of motivation/confidence/self-love, feeling insecure, may pick on others, stomach issues, pancreas/liver/gallbladder issues.


Heart Chakra - Benefits - Unconditional love to yourself and others

Heart Chakra - Blockages - Respiratory, cardiovascular, lack of respect for others, lymph nodes, upper back, and rib pain.


Throat Chakra - Benefits - Confidence

Throat Chakra - Blockages - Lack of confidence, exaggerating the truth, difficulty communicating with others, and headaches with jaw/neck/mouth.


Third Eye Chakra - Benefits - Belief in oneself / Spirituality

ThirdSpirituality- Blockages - Confused/unable to make decisions, lack motivation, headaches/migraines, sinus issues, poor vision, sciatica.


Crown Chakra - Benefits - Wisdom / Clarity

Crown Chakra - Blockages - Feeling isolated, lack motivation, neurological issues, insomnia, depression

** NOTE - any health issue must be looked into properly by your GP or medical professionals **

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