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Squirrel Spiritual Meaning

Updated: Feb 25

To me, the spiritual meaning for squirrels is cheekiness, fun, and not taking life too seriously. Two come into my garden often and make me laugh so much. I'm sure my uncles have reincarnated as squirrels, as that is who they remind me of. Watching their hilarious and cheeky antics, the squirrels brought back memories of nonstop laughter or reminded me of cheeky stories I heard about them growing up. Surprisingly, the spiritual meaning was pretty much spot on.

Many cultures see the squirrel as lighthearted and fun. When a squirrel enters our life, it usually indicates we take life too seriously to take a step back and chill.

Although playful and fun, squirrels can also be quite sensible.

Showing great ingenuity and determination as they learn how to problem-solve, they do this to expand their abilities and show us, humans, that there is always a solution to a problem. Squirrels enjoy space, freeing them from clutter or any dangers that may put them in harm's way. Squirrels are an intriguing little creature to watch, perfect for us to learn a lesson or two from, such as decluttering our lives. This could be having a clear-out at home or a clear-out of the people who may create obstacles for us, disrupting the flow of fun, courage, and optimism in our lives.

Squirrels only store what they need, their tiny paws unable to carry too much, allowing us to see how simple life can be if we don't burden ourselves with unnecessary worries.

They may also appear in our lives to question whether we are prepared for the future. Do we need to start saving? With squirrels representing abundance, now may be the perfect time to start putting a little away for when we may need it.

If your animal totem is a squirrel, I'm slightly envious. Being guided through life by a totem whose beliefs are professional while remaining chilled, refusing to take life too seriously, and allowing that inner child to be released whenever it feels like it is quite frankly a blessing from above.

Next time we see a squirrel, stop and note what it's doing. Is it having fun? Is it looking for nuts to store? Or is it leaping through the air without a care in the world? Whichever it is, embrace the message. Although maybe think twice about leaping from tree to tree, but do take that leap of faith you have possibly been putting off.

Love & Light


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