Fox Animal Totem

Have you ever heard the saying 'sly as a fox? Used to indicate when someone is dishonest, cunning, or sneaky, the fox has developed a somewhat negative reputation. If this too is the understanding you had of foxes, read on; you may well be surprised.

Red foxes are the most common fox. They can be found on many continents and inhabit many types of areas. However, unlike their wolf relatives who live in packs, foxes prefer to live a more solitary life keeping themselves to themselves while chilling in their underground burrows.

The fox is most certainly an enchanting creature with its triangular face, pointed ears, bushy tail, and beautiful red coloring. Extremely clever, intelligent, quick thinking, wise, and a great leader, when a fox enters your life physically, through pictures, or dreams it indicates interesting times ahead.

Native Americans viewed the fox as a symbol of wisdom, the single best guru to guide someone down a destined path. A fox entering your life may indicate change is needed. However, the fox is quick to learn and adapts well to new situations, and environments so don't be alarmed if you are uncomfortable with change. Many of us are, but change is a good thing; it allows us to grow while taking on an adventure, a journey to our next destination.

The fox is a monogamous, nurturing animal that protects its family: a power animal and an excellent teacher for those willing to be taught. Fox may enter your life with a message to remain cautious in certain aspects of your life. Are there friends or family members who you deem to be a little sly? If so, Fox is highlighting you may need to be a little cautious around these people. However, if any issues need addressing, Fox's nurturing side will come out encouraging you to find the best possible solution to problems that may arise.

The Fox harnesses the Earth's magnetic field to hunt. They have a high magnetic sense and are highly spiritual too. Fox may also enter your life to awaken your psychic abilities, awaken your spiritual energy, and trust your inner voice. Foxes know what they want and are ready to set out to achieve their goal. If you have been noticing foxes of late, now may be the time to dig deep within.

Sending Love & Light


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