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The Spiritual Meaning Of Spiders

Updated: Feb 21

Did you know all animals have a spiritual meaning, even those little creepy crawlies like spiders? Most of the world's population dislikes spiders, hands up; since moving from the city, I have been known to let out a little screech when a huge spider runs across the sitting room floor. I'm not sure how they get into our homes, especially during the winter months; however, wherever they come from, they have appeared in our lives for a reason.

When guided to write this, I hoped to find a gentle story regarding spiders and was kindly brought back to my childhood and reminded of a film I used to watch, Charlotte's Web. It is a lovely, heartwarming story about the friendship between a pig named Wilbur and the ever-so-chilled-out spider named Charlotte. It is an unlikely friendship but an inspiring friendship nonetheless.

For those unfamiliar with the story, Wilbur becomes extremely frightened about his future. Picking up on his fear, Charlotte's spidery senses and motherly instincts go to work. Charlotte starts to weave the most spectacular webs, spelling out inspirational words relating to her friend, leaving people open-mouthed with her works of art, all in the bid to save her friend. Because she was determined to succeed, she secured a happier outcome for her dear friend Wilbur. Although most associate spiders as scary and frightening, deep down, they are enchanting, nurturing, creative creatures with hidden beauty, seen by those who look deep enough.

A spider's symbolism is that of fertility and harmony. With spiders also representing creativity, ask yourself, have you been hoping to start a creative project such as sewing, painting, or baking as a hobby or to sell? Maybe you have been hoping to write a book or play an instrument but lack confidence or the time. By noticing the spider symbol, either real spiders, artwork, or through documentaries, it is encouraging you that now is the time to have a little faith and believe in yourself. Now is the time to bring those ideas you have been nurturing to life. If you have been hoping to pursue a career with an idea, old or new, then now is the time to manifest your dreams into reality. However, remember that spiders cannot create magnificent webs by rushing in. Each silk string the spider weaves has been strategically thought out; a plan of action is necessary.

We are all capable of the most incredible things when we put our minds to them. When spiders appear in our lives, be reminded of Charlotte's patience, determination, and chilled-out approach in pursuing what we have set out to achieve. And when the time is right, we, too, will be able to reap the rewards.

Sending Love & Light


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