Sacral Chakra

Updated: May 27, 2021

The sacral chakra. Here you will find a brief blog regarding the sacral chakra. What it represents, what happens when it becomes blocked, and the positive energy it can radiate when cleansed from all negative emotions we tend to hold onto; also included are little tips on how to help heal/work with creating a better flow in this area.


The sacral chakra is the second chakra, located just below the naval / lower abdomen. Represented by the colour orange, this chakra is associated with relationships, guilt, certain fears like death and change, love, sexuality, money, joy, and creativity. Many people will experience all sorts of emotional pain during their lifetime. If this pain is not dealt with properly, it may end up being stored in certain chakras located in your body, blocking them with negative energy, jeopardising your chances of a happy, harmonious life.

Pain and emotions stored in your sacral chakra could be linked to how we have treated people and how they have treated us. This pain may be the hardest to heal because we may carry it around the longest, feeling guilty and, or ashamed to speak out.

The sacral chakra is linked to the lower abdomen, nervous system, musculoskeletal system, urinary and reproductive systems. If this chakra becomes blocked or unbalanced, you may experience problems within these areas, not only health issues but with relationships, finding it hard to express yourself creatively, or may struggle financially. The organs in this area all release something to flow, stay healthy, and function properly, a good indication for us to do the same with our emotions.

The sacral chakra is also represented by the element of water. Water represents flow, movement, and, more importantly, life. When your sacral chakra is balanced and radiating positive energy, confidence within ourselves and others will improve. Along with all types of relationships, emotions become more balanced; creative ideas will flow, possibly leading to new opportunities encouraging a career change enabling abundance and finances to finally improve.


Letting Go:

What you'll need: Pen, paper, matches, fireproof bowl or bin.

Grab yourself a pen and paper. Now write. Nobody will see it, so let it all out, all of those built-up emotions you may have kept inside for weeks, months, years. When you have finished, please don't read it back. Go outside with your paper, matches, and fireproof bowl or bin and light the paper. See it turn to ash and watch it be blown away by the breath of mother earth. Close your eyes, breath, and smile, for you, my dear, have just taken the first step to a better, more positive you.


Goddess Pose (see pose above): You can also put your hands together (as if you are praying) towards the center of your chest. Taking slow, deep breathes, focus on your sacral chakra for 2-3 minutes.


Linked above is a lovely sacral chakra healing guided meditation video found on youtube. This one may not suit you. However, there are many more out there, so please search to find the one you feel comfortable working with.


Orange foods include carrots, tangerines, mango, nectarines, sweet potato, orange peppers, apricots, melons, passion fruit, pumpkin.

Other foods and spices: chicken, fish, cinnamon, ginger, pumpkin, poppy, sesame, sunflower seeds, banana, coconut, kiwi, pineapple.

Nuts: almonds, brazil, pine nuts, pistachio, cashews.


Water, herbal teas, hot water with a slice of ginger or cinnamon stick.


carnelian, sunstone, goldstone

(you can also purchase a full chakra crystal box from the shop page)

Essential oils:

sandalwood, sweet orange, ylang, ylang

Chakra Oracle Card by Nikki Gresham-Record

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