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The Age of Aquarius

Updated: Feb 25

We've all heard the saying "The Age of Aquarius," and those old enough will remember the song from the 1960s recorded by the 5th dimension - Aquarius / Let the love shine. The lyrics are about love, harmony, understanding, sympathy, and trust. Depending on which expert to believe we are either at the dawning of or in the midst of this extraordinary time line.

What does this mean, and what exactly is the Age of Aquarius? Is it just some 1960s hippie / new age movement where people congregate in circles watching the sunset, singing about, and hoping for love and peace to conquer the world?

Or is it something more significant?

Anyone familiar with Astrology will know there are 12 zodiac signs, the eleventh being Aquarius, the water bearer. Often mistaken for a water sign, Aquarius is, in fact, one of three air signs, with Gemini and Libra being the other two, and all three being known as the thinkers, doers, and communicators of the zodiac.

The Aquarian symbol shows a man tipping the water he has been carrying. Tipping this onto the land will encourage new growth, new life / new beginnings to what once was. With a combination of air (oxygen) and water, this age we are heading towards can only mean one thing: a positive future for the planet.

When the world enters a new age, it simply means the tilt of the Earth shifts direction, focusing its gaze on a new zodiac sign. Taking place every 2,100 years this is a wonderful time to be alive.

Different ages bring different characteristics. Currently in the process of leaving 'The Age of Pisces,' we will be pleased to leave behind the order, structure, power, dictators, dictatorship, and wars, replacing the negative, stagnant energy with fresh, new, positive energy, including equality for all, humanity taking back control of our wonderful planet, and extreme breakthroughs in medicine and technology.

Now is the time to prepare ourselves for a new awakening, a fresh start to what we have been used to. It is a time for our spritisual consciousness to be heightened and begin the process of letting go of the past and the old ways of doing things. This may scare some. Most people, myself included, aren't that keen on change. I would still be writing with a quill and scroll and travelling by horse, side saddle if I could get away with it, no joke! However, we must all move with the times, and with positive, groundbreaking inventions regarding travel, space, and medicine heading our way, there are some truly

exciting times ahead.

Personal awareness and transformations will be noticable. Masculine and feminine energies will be balanced. Confidence and self-belief will shine. Looking to outsiders for clarity and problem-solving will be no more. We will finally all have the faith and courage to deal with any problems we may go through ourselves. The outdated will be replaced by new positive energy and opportunities. Self-employment will thrive as the big-name corporations we are so used to will fall. Ego will be a thing of the past, and hidden information will be released for all to access.

It all sounds a bit too good to be true. But it's coming, and I feel truly blessed to be a part of it. Those singing about The Age of Aquarius, wanting love and peace, appreciating the little things in life that so many of us take for granted, watching the sunset, meditating and looking within to find their true selves, living in nature and finding the true meaning of abundance are the people we should be looking up to and admiring. They have remained strong, positive, focused, and, more importantly, kept their faith through dire times. They remain patient, never losing hope that our beautiful planet will one day be blessed with the love, peace, and equality we all deserve.

So, the Age of Aquarius IS significant. A beautiful, positive new age is coming.

" The Age of Aquarius is the age of excellence in which

personal purity shall matter."

Harbhajan Singh Yogi

Love & Light


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