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Leo Star Sign

Updated: Feb 25

The fifth sign in the zodiac and probably the best-known, this star sign corresponds with the constellation Leo. Represented by the lion, we will find this star sign between the summer months of July 23rd and August 22nd.

Egyptians worshipped the Leo constellation, which they referred to as Knem. Knem was present in the sky during the flooding of the River Nile, signifying plentiful harvests for the coming year. The Leo constellation may also have inspired a very well-known Shakespearean love story. The tale of two lovers, Pyramus and Thisbe, arrange a secret romantic meeting. Thisbe arrives at the location to find a lioness with fresh blood dripping from her jaw. Thisbe runs away in fear, leaving her veil behind. Pyramus arrives shortly after, but having spotted the lioness and found his lover's veil, he presumes the lioness has killed Thisbe; heartbroken, he stabs himself. Thisbe later returns to find her lover dead. As she cannot bear the thought of living without her true love, she takes the same dagger and takes her own life.

We know the lion represents strength, pride, leadership, and courage, so it should be no surprise that fellow Leos, who shares this star sign, inherits these traits.

A born leader and King of the jungle, Leos may prefer the outdoors, feeling harmonious, balanced, and more comfortable outside than indoors.

Ruled by the Sun, Leos may find themselves the centre of attention (usually in a good way). Bright, bold, and cheerful like the sun, Leos's attributes mimic this planet. However, being a fire element, they may find themselves a little hotheaded and firey sometimes. Leos will put everything into achieving their goal; if they have something in mind, prepare them to pounce. Most people born under the Leo zodiac sign are creative and may be interested in art, entertainment, and culture industries.

Leos's zodiac sign is linked to the fifth house in astrology, which governs self-expression, drama, creativity, colour, attention, romance, fun and play.

Generous, passionate, humorous, and cheerful, Leos will likely be a famous friend, remaining loyal and protective of those they love and care about.

Fun Facts:

Best Matches: Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini

Worst Matches: Taurus and Capricorn

Best Match for Leo Man: Aries women

Best Match for Leo Woman: Sagittarius men Zodiac Angel: Archangel Michael

Chakra: Crown Chakra

Metal: Gold Body Part: Heart, Spine Birth Stones: Peridot Colour: Gold, Orange, Yellow Tarot card: The Strength Card

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