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Tehuti / Thoth - Egyptian Mythology

Updated: Feb 23

Tehuti, otherwise known as Thoth or Djehuty, was known as the God of wisdom, writing, hieroglyphs, science, magic, art, judgment, the moon, and the dead, who eventually was associated with the writing and knowledge to preside over scribes and scholars of all types.

Some believe Ra, the Sun God, was Thoth's father, yet many believe he was self-created. According to one tale, Thoth becomes an Ibis and lays eggs, becoming the holder of all creations.

Depending on the era, Thoth is depicted in various ways, often pictured carrying the ankh, the symbol of life, in one hand and the other, holding a sceptre, the symbol of power. The most famous image, and the one we are most familiar with, is the image of the head of an ibis (the sacred bird of wisdom) with a human body. In these images, he is sometimes wearing a magnificent headpiece, showing a lunar disk sitting on top of a crescent moon resting on his head, this piece representing the reckoner of time and seasons. Not only did Thoth represent all of the above, but he also worked alongside, served, and protected Osiris, the Goddess of the deceased. He often acts as a messenger, intercessor, and conciliator between the Gods. Egyptians also credit Thoth with the creation of the 365-day calendar. Held in high regard, this would be why he is mentioned frequently in pyramid texts.

Thoth would later share his responsibilities with his wife, Seshat, the Goddess of knowledge, wisdom, writing, measurements, and books. Some say she was the inventor of writing, and Thoth would be the one to teach it to humanity. She was also trusted to care for Thoth's library, which was full of spells and scrolls unknown to many Gods.

Thoth's sacred animals were the Ibis bird mentioned above as the holy bird of wisdom, and the baboon, which ancient Egyptians admired for its intelligence. Thoth as a baboon is usually shown as a seated animal, heavily maned, resting on its rear with its paws resting on its knees. Sometimes, he is depicted with the lunar disk and crescent on his head, symbolising the moon's phases. Archaeologists later discovered thousands of mummified Ibis and Baboons in Thoth's honour around Egypt.

Because of his writing skills and ability, he was clever enough to create The Book of Thoth, which is believed to contain all the secrets of the Universe, humanity, and divinity, its location yet to be identified. However, some believe it to be hidden in a secret chamber under the Great Pyramid. It is believed that those who can communicate telepathically will be the ones to uncover its secrets.

A keeper of Akashic records, not only can Thoth consult one's records for insight, but spiritually advanced souls can connect with Thoth's frequency, where he can advise and guide us of any blockages in our previous or current life that may need to be cleared.

A good mentor for energy workers, those committed to earth transformation, and in the arts. It is said that Thoth led a group of priests before the sinking of Atlantis, setting up priest classes in Egypt and helping the priests to document the Atlantian civilisation. Always looking out for others, it would be Thoth who created a plan to save all the ancient 'Gods and Goddesses' if a problematic situation arose.

Thoth sounds like a lovely, clever, mysterious, kind, and protective soul. We could all do with a friend like Thoth in our lives.

Emerald would be the crystal to work with to connect to Thoth.

Sending love and light


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