Runes, More Than An Alphabet?

An exciting discovery was made recently by a gentleman named Lennart Larrson. Lennart, a farmer in southeastern Sweden, went about his day ploughing one of his fields when his machinery collided with a vast stone six feet long and three-feet-wide. Having moved the stone to one side of the field (with his machinery), the ploughing continued, and the stone forgotten until a renovating project began months later. To the astonishment of Lennart, this was no ordinary stone but a thousand-year-old ancient rune commemorating a previous landowner after his death.

Runes date back more than 2000 years. They make up an ancient alphabet system used mainly by Germanic people in Northern Europe (before adopting the Latin alphabet) for communication, storytelling, divination purposes, and offerings to passed over loved ones usually carved on stone, metal, bone, or wood. It is believed items including swords and jewelry would also often display the owner’s name; however, further research suggests runes have vibrational energy held within the symbol.

The earliest known and most traditional rune alphabet is the 24 lettered Elder Futhark which receives its name due to the first six letters: f, u, t, h, a, r, k. Every 24 letters have their unique symbol and meaning and are divided into three families after the Nordic gods Frey, Hagal, and Tyr.

Runes were a part of ancient spiritual traditions closely associated with magic, blessings, divination, and communication. Used as charms or invoked by gods, the Norse and other Germanic people believed smaller runes were connected to divine powers, the symbol evoking knowledge and a deep connection to the universe.

Traditional smaller divination runes were carved on the wood of fruit or nut-bearing trees and ash, oak, or yew trees. Although, of course, the way of the world is forever changing, there are many ways of making your own today with little to no cost. Collecting pebbles, small twigs, or even scraps of paper and painting or writing each symbol is a lovely way of connecting to a set of homemade runes.

How can runes be used today?

Runes can be a magical tool for healing, transformations, knowledge, and wisdom between the universe and oneself. They can be used as a key to help unlock our inner view, understand where we are heading in life, increase our intuition and allow us to see or avoid the obstacles we may encounter during this lifetime.

Connecting to runes and understanding each message before use is vital. Creating your own is the perfect opportunity to learn the symbol and meaning of each piece. In addition, verbally naming each rune helps connect its vibrational frequency and energy with our own, enabling a more straightforward message to be relayed.

As with tarot, runes can be laid out in certain spreads depending on the guidance we request. Blowing on them while in a small bag or pouch before shaking them also allows our vibration to connect with the runes, in turn providing the advice our soul may be searching for.

Runes are a unique way of connecting to one’s higher self, inner guidance, and personal growth. The magical connection with runes can be a remarkable gift when used correctly.

If you would like to learn more about runes or work with them, I highly recommend the books Runes For Transformation by Kaedrich Olsen or The Beginners Guide to Runes by Josh Simonds, which can be purchased for free on amazon with kindle unlimited.

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