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Updated: Feb 25

A stunning crystal and one of my favourites. Lemurian Seed crystals, also known as Starseed Quartz, are as majestic as they sound. Linked to the ancient civilization of Lemuria, the original Garden of Eden, these crystals were used for higher consciousness activities such as healing, prophecy, and its connection with the star people.

Many stories highlight the high priests and priestesses of Lemuria spending a substantial amount of time encoding secret messages, memories, knowledge, and wisdom into the crystals, along with the blessing of unconditional love for the Earth for when it enters a profound vibrational shift.

Programmed with the consciousness of ancient Lemuria, each unique piece has what is known as its own barcode or growth lines along one or more faceted sides, believed to be the encoding of each crystal. Each groove or growth line represents a different era, similar to tree trunk rings relaying back to us through their lines and patterns, a wealth of information. Legend also states that Lemurian seed crystals are planted in a grid pattern over the surface of the Earth and beyond to other stars and dimensions.

Lemurian crystals are known to be one of the perfect crystals for stellar and inter-dimensional communication. It is believed to assist us through meditation in discovering which star our spirit is associated with on our mission here on Earth, helping re-attune to our star group, and helping break ancestral patterns.

The Lemurian race was believed to be highly intelligent, kind, and loving, completing their work in sheer peace and harmony. So, it comes as no surprise that this beautiful crystal is linked to the heart and crown chakra. Related to the divine feminine, Lemurian quartz encourages spiritual awakenings and appears to those who need it at an appropriate time in one's life.

I was blessed to come across my Lemurian quartz by pure chance. I received an email to attend a Crystal Open Day event two years ago. It is like a mini Aladin's cave when you walk into this room, packed floor to ceiling of every colour and size crystal you can imagine. Admiring a particular crystal, I noticed beside me was a tray of random crystals; one in particular instantly caught my eye. I picked it up and admired it in the sunlight lighting up the room when a lady approached me and said, "Isn't it beautiful"? Her accent caught my attention, and we started mainly conversing about this particular crystal. It was a Lemurian crystal I had never encountered in person before. She was kind enough to tell me more about it, yet as she continued to speak, I had the urge to ask about her birthplace. She kindly told me, and I announced I had also been born there; it turned out we were both born in the same year and, ironically, only two roads away from each other, which was slightly mindblowing. This chance meeting was no coincidence.

Purchasing this stunning crystal, I was excited to add it to my ever-growing collection and start working with it. When meditating, I spirit travel to various locations worldwide, mainly being shown various ancient sites and beings. My mind is automatically blown away when I leave my meditation state. I always keep a notepad and pen beside me to write down what was shown or told, ready to start researching these locations.

Picking up my Lemurian crystal, I asked my guides and the crystal if it may be possible for me to access some of its codes. Holding the crystal in my right hand, I closed my eyes and began guiding my thumb gently along the growth lines along each side from the base of the crystal up to its point until I began to connect.

I was automatically shown the sun. There are many sun images, from the sun high in the sky to the sun card in a tarot deck (representing the most powerful and happiest card in tarot.) I was shown nature, dewy grass with sunlight rays bouncing through the nearby tree branches. So much peace, harmony, beauty, and simplicity were coming through. An eagle flying overhead, beautiful children, their innocence oozing. They had what we would associate as nothing, just nature, yet they had it all; they were free, their little souls—appreciating their surroundings, with their love for nature apparent.

Next, I was shown cat-like beings; they were stunning. Beautiful faces with a slight hint of blue with what I can only describe as a human-like body. They were so gentle and kind. There was silence as these beautiful beings worked. They were encoding each crystal telepathically while holding them to their mouth area.

If you have seen the film Avatar, the following image I was shown reminded me a little of this. A large group of beings sitting on the ground while meditating. I believe they were still working with Lemurian crystals, yet this image seemed to suggest this was a healing session for the collective, whether for this planet or their home planet; I was unsure, but witnessing this sight was genuinely inspiring. My last image was the inside of a deep cave. A hole at the top allowed the sunlight to penetrate, like a spotlight on a theatre stage. Could this be Mount Shasta, where the Lumerian race escaped, hoping to save themselves from the great flood? I have no idea, but I hope I am lucky enough to find out one day through more meditation. This experience was something else. I came out of my meditation feeling humbled and incredibly blessed that the Lumerian race trusted me enough to let me into their world and what a beautiful one it was.

I look forward to working with this crystal again and unlocking more codes that may be embedded inside my precious one.

Do you own a Lemurian crystal? What were you shown when you meditated with yours? Please feel free to share your stories in the comment section. I would love to hear them.

Sending Love, Light, and Lemurian Blessings your way


Click the link below to find out more about the lost continent of Lemuria

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