Lemuria, The Lost Continent

Updated: May 27, 2021

I had the pleasure of stumbling across the name Lemuria in a book I was reading some time ago. Having never heard of it before, I was intrigued to learn a little more about this beautiful island. I was hooked from the start, and well, you wouldn't believe the journey I have been on since. The information on Lemuria is somewhat overwhelming; however, do not let that put you off. Lemuria is truly one of the most beautiful places to have ever existed here on Earth, a place that one day we hope returns.

Many of us have heard of the lost city of Atlantis located in the Atlantic Ocean between

North America & Africa, but what about the lost continent of Lemuria? The enchanting name Lemuria sounds like it belongs in a Harry Potter book, magical, mysterious, and fictional, but according to researchers, Lemuria was indeed a real place. Located in the Pacific Ocean around 70,000 years ago.

In fact, Lemuria can be found in records dating back to Ancient Egypt. The Egyptian name for Lemuria was 'The Field of Reeds,' The Ancient Greeks naming it 'Elysian Fields', Scared Tibetan texts remembering it as 'Ra-Mu,' Inscriptions on American continents referring it to 'The lost Motherland of Mu' as well as writings on stone describing it as the land of considerable size, once placed above the surface in the Pacific Ocean.

So what was Lemuria? Well, according to many, Lemuria was heaven on Earth. A glorious place we could only dream about today. Blessed by the creation of God and nurtured by Mother Earth, Lemuria was picturesque and simply captivating with its breathtaking views, lush vegetation, sparkling crystals, clear rivers, blooming meadows, flourishing rainforests, and glorious beings full of love, light, peace, harmony, and equality.

You may be thinking this all sounds a bit familiar, and you would be right. According to some, this majestic continent may well have been where it all began, The Garden Of Eden.

Back in 1870 Biologist, Ernst Haecker suggested Lemuria could be the ancestral home of humanity, with many more scientists believing this theory.

Life on Lemuria sounds idyllic. Lemurian's as they were known, were gentle beings who appreciated their surroundings, soul families, and tribes. The original Sharmen's and healers of their time, working with and guided by spiritual energies. Working telepathically with one another and advancing on levels way beyond anything known today.

Great believers in crystals, Lemurians are said to have worked very closely with Quartz Crystals. Cleverly storing their knowledge and wisdom within the crystals and burying them in various places worldwide to be found and the knowledge stored within to be released and reused when the Earth and its people require help.

Sadly the continent of Lemuria wasn't to last. A catastrophic eruption of the volcano Toba was to destroy the beautiful motherland. The eruption of Toba has been documented as being the largest volcanic eruption on Earth in the last 2 million years, so powerful that some believe it to have actually caused the Earths tilt, whilst other theories believing the tsunami's caused by the volcanic eruption may well have been what we know today in the Bible as

' The Great Flood ' submerging these lands with the rising seas.

Because of their telepathic skills and their sensing that something awful was to happen, most Lemurian's survived. Some moved away to parts of Asia to carry on sharing their knowledge and wisdom around the world; however, the most talked-about stories of the remaining Lemurians lead us to the sacred Mount Shasta, California.

Beneath Mount Shasta lay a network of tunnels where the Lemurians continue to work together with the love, peace, harmony, and equality they are so used to. Many people flock to this sacred land to hope for spiritual healing, spiritual guidance, or gaining spiritual knowledge from these beautiful beings. Some are not only lucky enough to visit Mount Shasta, but some are extremely blessed to visually see Lemurians walking around, describing them as gentle, tall (around 7ft), slender, with long blonde hair and blue eyes. These are truly fascinating stories that can be found on various online sites or books from

your local book shop.

I could go on and on about the information I have come across on this topic. However, I will pass the baton over to you to delve as deep as your soul allows.

The enchanting motherland known as Lemuria may be a continent no more, but for many of us, the Lemurian race will live on deep within our hearts and souls for lifetimes to come.

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