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The Spiritual Site of Glastonbury, England

Updated: Feb 23

Having been drawn to many ancient sites over the years, Glastonbury caught my attention the most. Well known across the globe for its festivals, where the biggest names in music are invited to perform on-stage for thousands of party-goers, Glastonbury goes back much further than the 1970s and its links to music.

So what was it about Glastonbury that caught my attention? The name Avalon.

Music was a huge part of my childhood and remains a big part today. Having been raised in an Irish family with older siblings, I know the radio, tape recorder, or record player was on more than it was off. I would hear various artists from Daniel O'Donnell to Duran Duran around the house, a very young me singing along, not knowing what the song meant but loving the tunes and melodies to whatever was playing. Yet, I remember one song that stuck and still gives me goosebumps: Roxy Music's Avalon. You can't deny the captivating tune can take you from the present to a dream-like state with the click of a finger; it is so mystical, enchanting, and quite simply a genius piece of work; however, it wasn't the whole song as such, but rather one particular word that struck a chord within me (excuse the pun). Roll on to 2020, when the word crops up not just once but repeatedly throughout the year. I brush it aside until 2021 when I excitedly purchase some lovely ancient site oracle cards.

On my first shuffle, the card that fell from the deck was Glastonbury. Intrigued by the picture on the card, I flicked through the little book of meanings that came with the cards to see what the location meant. The first line read, for thousands of years, Avalon…… There it was again, that word that seemed to follow me around. I carried on reading and was left open-mouthed by the brief description of this magnificent place.

Jesus with his Uncle Joesph of Arimathea

The Isle of Avalon/The Isle of Apples, now known as Glastonbury, dates back to Jesus' era. During his early teenage years, Jesus visited this mysterious place with his Uncle Joesph of Arimathea, a tin merchant. Joseph's profession would see him travel the globe, creating a perfect opportunity for his young nephew Jesus to accompany him on these voyages, allowing one to explore the world's genuinely magnificent sites and opening one's mind to the many different cultures, foods, healing benefits, and teachings out there. This particular journey to Britain would include many stops along the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea, where they would deposit items, including scrolls, scripts, news, and supplies, to various destinations as they passed by. However, this journey wasn't just about dropping off supplies; there would be a much deeper meaning to this particular adventure. Jesus was about to embark on the Isle of Avalon, where the roots of his maternal side lay, and several relatives remained.

There are many stories of Jesus's travels, visits to various spiritual sites worldwide, and the knowledge and wisdom he gained from each beautiful nation, teacher, and guru he encountered. Staying long enough to ensure Jesus had settled on the Isle, Joseph would return to Palestine, leaving his brothers Andrew, Josephus, and Noah teaching their nephew their spiritual beliefs. Jesus would remain on the Isle of Avalon for three years, where he would explore the deep underground caves of the Tor, connecting deeply to other realms, stars such as Orion and Sirius, meditation, connecting to the Divine Feminine, the Divine Mother, and growing ever so close to his beloved uncles.

As years went by, Joseph of Arimathea became a dedicated and trustworthy disciple to his nephew. After the death of Jesus, it is believed Joseph fled Palestine and sailed back to the Isle of Avalon, taking with him some of Jesus' followers as well as Jesus' beloved Grandmother Anna (Mary's Mother), Mary Magdalene, and two of the most sacred items to have ever been recorded, a piece of thorned staff from Jesus' crown worn during his crucifixion and the wooden cup/chalice Jesus and his disciples used during the last supper, the Holy Grail.

Joseph planted the thorned staff he brought with him on the grounds of the original church/crypt built by himself and his brothers, now known as the Mary Chapel at Glastonbury Abbey, where it took hold. Of course, the original church would most likely have been built with fundamental materials at the time and would not have withstood the harsh British weather. Much later, the Normans would take control of the spiritual land, replacing it with a new, more prominent Abbey built of stone. The staff is located around the Abbey and blooms around Christmas time.

So what happened to the wooden cup/chalice, and why, since this story was told, have there been healing waters around Glastonbury?

Pictures of The Tor

Joseph buried it in one of two locations within Avalon, at the base of the incredibly spiritual hill - The Tor, or in the well beside it. With the cup alleged to have several drops of Jesus's blood from his crucifixion on or inside it, it is believed the water from the well turned red after burying it, creating healing benefits for those who drank from it. Some locals today are said to only drink the water from the well, with many travelling from across the globe hoping it cures them of their ailments. The well has been named the Chalice Well.

Visitors can respectfully gather some of the water for their personal use.

The Chalice Well - Glastonbury

This is not the only fascinating tale to come out of Glastonbury. Of course, there are the extraordinary tales of King Arthur and Guinevere, who are said to be buried there, as well as more tales of the charming Anna, Jesus' Grandmother and many more relatives, Fairies, UFO sightings, Stonehenge, lye lines running through to other sacred sites, and many more. This is a topic to return to, especially regarding the fairies, Jesus' Grandmother Anna, and lye lines. However, there is one more extraordinary story I feel like I must share: the Glastonbury landscape and its links to Astrology.

Isle of Avalon / Glastonbury, The Tor in the middle

The founder of Glastonbury Astrology was a lady named Katherine Emma Maltwood, whose studies involved researching spirituality and Egyptian culture. In 1925, Katherine was commissioned to draw a map outlining the adventures of King Arthur and the Holy Grail. While researching this, Katherine stumbled amongst the astrological effigies in a circle on the landscape of Somerset. Although slightly different to what we know astrology signs to represent today, she claimed cancer's sign for the crab represented Jason and the Argonaut's ship Argo, Libran scales represented a dove, and Aquarius the water bearer was, in fact, a phoenix whose head rested on the Tor and its beak at the Chalice Well. Katherine would focus her remaining years researching and writing 'Temple of the Stars,' a theory claiming the zodiac combines Sumerian, Theosophy, Masonry, Egyptosophy, Christianity, and Rosicrucianism.

I could talk about this for hours; however, I think the Glastonbury topic may involve a part two blog at a later date. I appreciate that some stories may vary slightly, and some may say this is all myth. Who truly knows? Someone said, "A myth may be just that, but the message that comes with it is not." Fairytales are classed as a myth, yet we all grow up knowing about Cinderella and Snow White. Very few of us know the incredible stories about Christianity, spirituality, mythology, and ancient history that our ancestors believed in. These stories have sadly been forgotten or have been downplayed over time.

Having many unexplained downloads (spiritual messages) regarding Avalon/Glastonbury, I am being guided to visit here very soon (God willing). Although apprehensive, I cannot wait to see if I can feel these energies so many speak of. I will, of course, update you with a valid, honest account of my findings. I shall be taking my time around specific areas and places, as it has been said you can feel the spiritual energies of this incredible place in parts of the Abbey, The Tor, and The Chalice Well. If you cannot travel to Glastonbury but would like to learn more, below is a link to an interesting guided video of the Abbey. With so many wonderful books and online information regarding this stunning location, I highly recommend delving deeper; I assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Book Recommendations -

Anna Grandmother of Jesus by Claire Heartsong

Anna the Voice of the Magdalenes by Clare Heartsong with Catherine Ann Clemett

The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Enchantments of Britain by K.E Maltwood

Glastonbury, Ancient of Avalon, New Jerusalem by Anthony Roberts

Until next time.

Sending Love & Light


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Nikki Harte
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