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Rhodonite Crystal

Updated: Feb 25

Having been gifted the most beautiful crystal book (and cards) recently through one of the most kind and generous souls I have the pleasure of knowing, I thought it appropriate to use this Book's representation to tell you about the healing crystal Rhodonite.

When choosing the small Rhodonite I use, I was drawn to one stone in particular. It has what I can only describe as a stitch mark, like a nurse would use on an open wound. Not knowing what Rhodonite was for at the time, I thought it was remarkable when I read about its benefits - healing heartache!

Heartache can relate to so many different things. Sadly, everyone will experience it throughout their lifetime, some more than others, but how do we begin to deal with heartache? How can we get over heartache, and can someone ever get over it? From personal experience, yes, we can, although, as mentioned below, it's how we repair the wounded heart in the first place.

The pattern on my Rhodonite gave me the biggest clue on how to deal with heartache: it needs to be adequately treated and stitched closed so it can never be reopened. However, with stitched wounds, you get scars. Of course, we all know they'll be painful at first, but with some gentle TLC, they will eventually heal and fade in time, even the deepest. The scars are simple reminders of how far we have come, so be proud of our scars, for these are proof of how fearless we are.

The Book used today is

The Illustrated Crystallary by Maia Toll

Your heart beats in an even rhythm when you feel calm and centred. Listening to it becomes self-soothing, helping you remember your cadence. But your heart stutters and skips when you're incredibly perpetually anxious. Your own skittish heart sends you deeper into unease and angst. But it's not your heart that's the problem. The problem lies deeper, rooted in the vulnerability that is causing the anxiety; put your hand on your heart, Rhodonite instructs, close your eyes and feel its beat. Once you're in sync with yourself, your heart's feeding its anxiety. To heal your heart, you must first know how you feel.

Seal Your Energy

Rhodonite is used to heal wounds, whether physical or emotional. It closes gaps and seals leaks so you can remember how to be whole. Your energy body can get leaky in places where it's thin or torn. These holes leave you vulnerable to outside influences. They may slowly siphon your energy, leaving you feeling scattered, weak or panicky.

Energy follows intention, so sealing up your energy can be done with active imagining. First, choose your tool: Will you envision stitching the hole with a needle and thread? Taping with duct tape? It doesn't need to be pretty or fancy; it just needs to feel natural to you.

Now close your eyes and imagine that you know where every energy leak is. Seal them, one at a time, calling on the rosy glow of Rhodonite to help you heal.

Heart Healing

Some emotions are smooth like river rocks and warm like a hearthstone. These emotions we treasure and return to, letting them remind us of the world's goodness and the joy of being alive.

But other emotions are jagged and rough; they continue to poke and prod at us until we consciously release them. Anger and resentment are like this; nurturing them can create wounds and energy leaks. While the original hurt may have been precipitated by someone else, when you hold tight to clawing emotions, you're harming yourself and injuring your own heart. If you need to cut a cord between you and someone or something from your past, you can also use the powerful crystal Obsidian.

What old wounds are festering?

What scars need tending?

What fears or resentments are hurting you from the inside out?


Works with the heart chakra.

Stone of compassion

Emotional balancer

Clears away old wounds

Balances Yin and Yang

Aids in achieving one's potential

Encourages self-love and forgiveness

Builds confidence

Reduces scaring

Relieves insect bites

Aids bone growth

It may help with autoimmune diseases

Stomach ulcers

Eases inflammation of joints

Good for memory

Helps to remember lost talents

Creating music

Throat infections


Love & Light


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Such a beautifully worded post we all need a little of this and you in our lives ❤️

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