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Lapis Lazuli

Updated: Feb 25

Lapis Lazuli is one of the most beautiful stones used in crystal healing. Although it is used in crystal healing, it is classed as a rock, not a crystal. However, it is formed with three different crystal minerals, including lazurite, which gives it stunning blue colouring. Calcite, giving it the tiny white specks; and Pyrite (fools gold), giving it the glamorous gold sparkles. Each crystal mineral within Lapis Lazuli enhances its healing benefits, making it one of the most vital stones for healing.

Lapis has been used for many extraordinary artefacts and beliefs over time. Heavily used throughout ancient times, beliefs and uses regarding Lapis Lazuli would be recorded in many ancient scriptures, including the Bible—some believe Moses to have engraved the Ten Commandments onto a Lapis Lazuli tablet.

The Egyptians were highly fond of Lapis Lazuli. Primarily used in royal jewellery, the Ancient Egyptian's beliefs regarding Lapis included - opening the heart to love, connecting to the night sky, boosting ladies' fertility, and warding off evil spirits. It was also extremely popular as a powerful aphrodisiac, a must for those in power needing an heir. The stone would also be used after death. Ancient Egyptians were buried alongside items made from Lapis, believing its blue colour was reminiscent of the heavens and symbolised creation and rebirth. One of the most recognised objects of this time would be the facemask of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun.

Another exciting use of Lapis Lazuli would be in paintings. Known to be the most expensive pigment of its time, Lapis Lazuli would be ground into a powder and used by painters including Michelangelo to paint masterpieces such as the Frescoes in the Sistine Chapel and The Girl With The Pearl Earring by Vermeer, whilst other artists used it to capture the beauty of the

Virgin Mary's blue robes.

Lapis Lazuli is still highly regarded as a magical stone today. Containing the energies of royalty, wisdom, truth, balance, justice, patience, loyalty, and communication, to name but a few.

Along with solid links to the beautiful Archangel Michael,

Lapis Lazuli is a must when it comes to owning crystals.

Other Healing Benefits and Uses:

Encourages Creativity

Banishes Headaches (I can vouch for that)

Beneficial for the Throat and Brow Chakra

Spiritual guidance from ancestors


Helps disorganisation

Improve the Immune System

Promotes natural gifts and skills

Bone and muscle issues


Vertigo, dizziness, hearing issues

Skeletal pain/back pain

Helps detox

It helps work through anxious thoughts

Encourages relaxation, relationships, and dreams.

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