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Akashic Records - What Are They And How To Access Them.

Updated: Feb 21

Known today as "The Book of Life", it is believed to contain every thought, every word, every emotion, and every good or bad deed carried out throughout our soul's past, present, and future lives. Derived from the Sanskrit word Akasha, meaning "ether", "sky", or "atmosphere." the Akashic records are said to be a library of our soul. Preserved and protected by record keepers (likely soul family or spirit guides) in the hope of awakening, guiding, and removing energetic blocks or reoccurring patterns throughout each incarnation.

Each record contains two parts: part one, our DNA soul, and part two, the stories we have lived and are currently living. Akashic records can be accessed by tuning in to the correct frequency, usually through meditation or guided programs such as hypnosis. This may sound easy; however, not everyone is successful. Those more spiritually advanced than others may be lucky and be able to access theirs on their first attempt. For some, it may take several attempts, and for those unsuccessful in accessing them in the current Earth plane, we may have to wait a little longer until we cross over once more.

During an Akasha record meditation/hypnosis, the guides and keepers are said to step forward, work with us, and prepare us before and during the process. We are advised to ground ourselves, remain calm, and set clear intentions beforehand. What do we want to know from our records? Are there ancestral patterns or wounds we would like to heal? If so, where do we need guidance in breaking these patterns? Do we want to learn about our current or a previous incarnation? Why am I here on the Earth plane, and what have I come to learn or achieve? What can I do to improve my current life? The more precise the question, the easier it is for the keepers to be guided to the correct records, enabling direct answers.

You may find the information you receive both liberating and, or overwhelming. Write everything down and prepare yourself for the inner healing needed to transform your life positively. If you wish to learn more about Akashic records and work towards accessing them, please do thorough research before you start. With many inspiring authors regarding Akashic records, I am sure your guides will guide you to the appropriate person/people who will work best with you and guide you through this fascinating journey.

Sending Love & Light


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