Unakite Crystal

Made up of the three minerals, green epidote, pink feldspar, and quartz unakite is a beautiful stone with many incredible benefits.

Unakite is extremely powerful for healing emotions that contribute to physical symptoms in the body and removing emotional blockages that may have built up over time, thus allowing us to address the negative emotions we may be holding on to, which may hinder our future path.

Known as the balancing stone, unakite will encourage you to balance all aspects of self, spiritual and mental emotions allowing you to feel more centered and at peace.

An excellent stone for those who may live in the past or worry about the future: with its grounding properties, unakite will work with us to bring us back to the present, embracing the NOW, removing those thoughts of what might have been or what might be.

A little similar to rose quartz, the pink feldspar colouring you can see encourages self-love, the self-love only found deep within. Once this is accomplished and you realise you are unique, beautiful, and deserve to be loved, your heart chakra will burst open, allowing you to accept, attract and keep the love of others you may once have been fearful of.

Placing a large piece of unakite in a room or several smaller pieces in a bowl will encourage a gentle and calming energy making the room feel inviting and a delight to be in. Unakite is also believed to reduce the effects of electromagnetic smog that radiates from electrical devices, so many of us own today. Placing a piece near any electrical device will help.

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