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The Benefits of Salt

Updated: May 27, 2021

Salt is one of the oldest items used in modern times. Dating back to around 6000bc, the first record of salt was at lake Yuncheng in the Chinese province of Shanzi, where they would later find a fascinating use for it, preserving fish, which is recorded during the Xia Dynasty around 2000bc.

Various ancient civilizations found several ways to use salt to preserve their food and preserve the dead. Mummies, birds, and fish have been found in the wealthy tombs opened some thousand years later.

Egyptians, Chinese, and Romans were all key players in the salt trade. Sometimes hard to come by, countries turned to mining salt. As with all mines, this was dangerous, often resulting in the men perishing inside collapsed mines. Their bodies were later discovered along with their clothing, all being found intact, preserved by the salt.

Today, there are many salts available to purchase, not only for cooking but for healing benefits too. The two most popular salts for this include Himalayan and Epsom salt becoming extremely popular in recent years.

Pink Himalayan Salt

Having been told about the benefits by a nutritionist I visited some years back, this extraordinary salt is never far from reach in our home. Having guests over for gatherings would always be quite amusing. When asked for the salt, I would hand over the grinder full of strange-looking pink crystals; having tried to convince our guests it was perfectly safe to use, it was often left unused on the table. Ironic, considering the amazing health benefits this beautiful-looking salt has over the table salt used for generations. Some of those benefits include:

Controlling water levels within the body

Stables ph levels

It contains 84 minerals to benefit the body

Helps vascular health

Supports respiratory function, bones, kidneys, and sleep

Reduces cramps and sinus issues

Regulates blood sugar levels

Reduces signs of aging and is meant to increase one's libido

Although incredible to think salt can help with certain ailments within the body, I would strongly advise limiting your consumption to a reasonable and safe amount for you. The recommended dosage is 1 teaspoon per day.

There are also claims of Himilayan salts reducing negative energy from one's body and home by either soaking in it or using an Himilayan salt lamp or candle holder.

A simple soak in the bath with a sprinkle of this salt can help prevent infections, reduce pain and swelling and cleanse toxins, removing negative energy allowing you to feel calm and relaxed.

As gifts, I often purchase a salt lamp or candle holder as I believe every home should own one. When switched on, it radiates a beautiful pinky glow that automatically makes you feel warm, peaceful, and relaxed. Incredibly there are also claims the salt lamp can change the electrical charge of the circulating air in a room when the lamp is warm, improving air quality and absorbing radiation in the room it is placed in.

Epsom Salt

Otherwise known as Magnesium Sulfate, this extraordinary salt was discovered in Surrey, England, by a cowherd named Henry Wicker. Henry noticed his cattle refused to drink from a particular water source even during the hottest of weather. Tasting it himself, he noticed it tasted very different from the water we are all used to, leaving him with literally a bitter taste in his mouth. However, he was to notice another fascinating discovery. The wounds on his cattle would heal much quicker due to them wading through this particular water. Word soon spread with people flocking to the site to drink it, lots of it, resulting in quite a few toilet trips, no doubt. Epsom salt later became a well-known laxative to help constipation.

Another excellent salt to bath in and another salt always in our bathroom. With health benefits of reducing pain, swelling and providing magnesium to the body, a much-needed mineral. It always works for us, particularly with a few tiny drops of lavender essential oil mixed in.

* Note when purchasing an Himilayan salt lamp, please make sure you purchase from a reputable buyer.

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