Runes Message **Pick A Card**

Today's cards are from the Runes For Modern Life by Theresa Cheung and Camilla Perkins.

Above you will see a picture showing five cards 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 (left to right). Close your eyes, tune in, and see which card you are drawn to. I have put crystals above each card as you may be drawn to a particular crystal instead. Scroll down to the number and read the message that is meant to find you.

Sending Love & Light


Card 1


Pronunciation: Rye - Through

Meaning: Journey, Travel

Travel is the key theme for this rune card. When it appears in a casting it indicates that an exciting journey is about to begin. This could be a physical journey, but it is far more likely to indicate an inner journey. The rune is associated with the right path being traveled, so this suggests that your focus should be on enjoying the ride rather than the actual destination; live in the power of now. Being so closely linked to forward momentum, this card could also indicate that, if you are currently feeling stuck in your life, your stagnation is due to an unwillingness to look for answers within yourself. Things have got to a point in your life, nevertheless, when it will be more painful to remain where you are than to go on this essential journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Card 2


Pronunciation: Bear - kaa - Naa

Meaning: Birch, Divine

Berkana celebrates birth and all new beginnings - and these could be a new relationship or work project, or simply a new approach to life. The symbol is the birch tree, which is known for its fertility and ability to renew. If you are going through difficult times, this card suggests that you have the strength to pull through, learn from the experience, and grow, and that good times will return. Associated with maternal and caregiving energy, the card urges you to nurture any new beginnings or relationships because they are going to be positive for you. At the same time, this requires that you nurture and take care of yourself and make sure that your needs are met before caring for others. Family is a strong theme, too, and it is possible that this card refers to a family member or friend who will offer much-needed support or care - or perhaps there is someone close to you in need of support or loving care.

Card 3


Pronunciation: Thoor - EE - Saws

Meaning: Thorn, Defence

This rune represents a thorn, which itself symbolizes the importance of having protection or defenses in your life. It does not indicate an imminent attack but rather the need to protect yourself in case of attack. Perhaps you are unwittingly making yourself vulnerable in some way or taking dangerous shortcuts. Drawing this rune could, therefore, be a reminder to take necessary precautions or to be alert to people who seek to take advantage of you. Unexpected change can be a stroke of good fortune. This rune is a warning to be alert to the possibility of something unexpected happening; be watchful and take your time to consider all possible options. Another interpretation is that willpower is required; don't allow emotions or preconceptions to cloud your judgment and be sure to make decisions only from a place of calm deliberation.



Pronunciation: Now - Theese

Meaning: Necessary, Need

The appearance of this rune suggests that someone or something is currently not meeting your needs or is hindering your chances of fulfillment. The rune is associated with the ancient Nordic "need fire" a sacred fire that ancient tribes would light during times of hardship, such as poverty or war, disease, or famine. It is possible that you are having a tough time materially or emotionally. You may feel depleted and frustrated and unable to move forward because of these limitations, but it is during times of challenge and hardship that we learn and grow the most. The card is urging you to stay patient and not allow self-pity or bitterness to get the better of you: there may be delays but the hard times will pass and there is light ahead. Indeed, sometimes challenges and hardship are absolutely the best way to strengthen our resolve and help us focus on what truly matters in our lives.

Card 5


Pronunciation: Kane - Awzee

Meaning: Torch, Beacon, Fire

This card is most strongly associated with fire. Fire brings warmth and light in a literal sense but it can also represent intellectual and spiritual illumination; this card indicates sudden insight, an outpouring of creativity, and those "Aha!" moments of awareness and clarity. If you are experiencing confusion or stagnation, this card may represent the promise of light at the end of the tunnel or signify that an amazing breakthrough has already occurred, or is imminent, in some area of your life. When that enlightenment comes, you must seize the moment; it is the optimum time to initiate new projects, creative pursuits, or relationships. This card also contains a warning, however, fire is life and brings light into our lives, but it can also burn and destroy. Drawing this card could indicate that something needs, definitively, to end or be destroyed before there can be a new beginning or a period of growth.

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