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Ruby Gemstone

Updated: Feb 25

Rubies are undeniably a beautiful stone. It is not a stone you see many people wearing today, although that may have something to do with the price; however, if you are ever fortunate enough to afford a piece of jewellery with a ruby stone or maybe inherited a piece, be sure to wear it fondly.

The colouring of rubies may vary from a light purple/pinky colour to deep red, so it will be no surprise that rubies are linked to love, romance, passion, strength, and wisdom. Rubies are recorded as far back as the bible, with eight references being made about them, such as;

"No mention shall be made of coral or pearls: for the price of wisdom is above rubies."

Job 28:18

"There is gold and a multitude of rubies, but the lips of knowledge are a precious jewel."

Prov 20:15

The lovely Job believed wisdom outweighed anything, even the precious ruby, yet the ruby gemstone was the most precious gem to own throughout various parts of the world.

Rubies were considered Ratnaraj (the King of Gems) in ancient India, with the Hindu tradition believing those who offered ruby to Krishna would be granted eternal life as Emporiors or reborn a King if the offering was on a smaller scale. I love that even if you couldn't afford the largest ruby, your offering, no matter how small, would still be greatly appreciated; I'm sure those who offered the minuscule piece would have been delighted to know they would be reincarnated as a king.

Burmese soldiers believed that wearing ruby on their left side would make them invincible; some would even embed a piece of ruby under their skin to ensure it kept them well if they were injured in battle. Many traditions believe ruby to be the stone of protection from any negativity that may enter our lives. It is also thought some cultures would bury rubies in the foundations of their dwelling to ensure security and prosperity.

Theophrastus, the ancient Greek philosopher, wrote about rubies having masculine and feminine qualities. The feminine is the more delicate, softer pinky/red colouring, with the masculine being the more dominant, deeper red.

Rubies are used for a variety of different beliefs today, from healing health issues related to the blood to encouraging creativity, longevity, and knowledge, balancing inner distress, and an incredible stone for any spiritual work from connecting to our spirit guides, astral travel, meditation, or re-birth of one's inners self. Perfect for meditating whilst working on our root or heart chakra.

Rubies have been known to be used in magic, which may indicate their strength. If you feel drawn to ruby gemstones, don't overuse them, or you may feel a little burnt out. Native Americans were known to work with emeralds or aquamarine after working with rubies for a long time to balance the vibrations of the powerful energies radiating from the red stone.

Other Benefits:

encouraging change

promotes a healthy menstrual cycle



lowering blood pressure

lowering fevers

Love & Light


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