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Today's cards are from The beautiful Heavenly Bodies Astrology deck by Lily Ashwell.

Below you will see a picture showing three cards 1, 2 & 3 (left to right). Close your eyes, tune in, and see which card you are drawn to. I have put crystals below each card as you may be drawn to a particular crystal instead. Scroll down to the number and read the message that is meant to find you.


Card 1 - Rose Quartz


Intimacy, Intuition, and Compassion

This evolved energy sits at the edge of the Zodiac, where the journeying soul dissolves into the ethers from which it came. At home in the spiritual planes, Pisces is tapped into the collective and the Divine. Neptune-ruled, it feels the collective longing, which comes through as inspiration and is expressed through creativity. These are artists, healers, and gentle beings. Softened spiritual and emotional boundaries make them empathic and even psychic, which also gives them a need for solitude, to identify what's theirs and what isn't. Compassion is their gift and being of service their highest expression.

Profound sensitivity makes Pisces beautiful and also leads it astray. A blurry definition between physical and spiritual, self and other, makes it difficult to know where they end and another begins. It's a confusing energy to experience on Earth, which is why Pisces is also linked to escapism, addiction, and self-sacrifice. Running away or martyrdom can be attractive options, as they alleviate the Earthly pressure of self-definition.

Let your body fade into the atmosphere. For a moment, forget your name and you're identity. Connect with your boundless soul. In this ancient place of oneness, can you find forgiveness for yourself and all Earthly life, like you would a child? Try to live each day seeing the physical world as a sacred illusion. And see all human beings as spiritual creatures, having a human experience. Forgive yourself and others - it's your path to freedom. Carry this softness with you while remembering you can invite someone into your heart without letting them into your house.

Card 2 - Amethyst


Optimism, Exploration, and Freedom

Life is an adventure for Sagittarius the explorer. These beings are seekers, insatiably curious, and driven by big questions - most notably, 'Why am I here?' They're forward-thinking and forever inspired. Like their ruling planet, Jupiter, they have a larger-than-life presence, with the independence and optimism to begin again and again, and every new quest born from deep existential longing. And they often feel most at home on the journey, being more interested in philosophy and the world of ideas than reality.

Sagittarius is dedicated to higher learning and things that expand the mind - anything from foreign travel to university to psychedelics. It's freedom-loving and unattached, both in thought and in action. However, the same sweeping viewpoints which create its moral compass, ethical code, and inspired visions can make it a bit aloof. And if this energy doesn't remember to stop and smell the roses, to connect with small Earthly pleasures and fears, it's prone to chronic dissatisfaction. No distance is far enough for this arrow ablaze; landing only leaves its wild imagination wanting more.

How do you navigate life? Do you typically respond emotionally or logically, passively or actively? Are you a bold mover or a safe player? maybe a mix of it all? It's time to begin piloting from a broader, deeper, belief system. You're being asked to develop a moral code, a personal creed - anything from a self-written sentence, filled with integrity and expressing your values, to a full-blown life philosophy. Develop an ethical umbrella, unique to you, to shape the lens through which you pilot your life. It will set you free and elevate your navigation skills.

Card 3 - Citrine

House Twelve

Spirituality, Transcendence, Karma, Sacrificial Service, and Healing

House Twelve holds energies of all Houses that come before it, but like the setting Sun, they sink into the sea. It's where the defined shapes of day become shapeless forms, energies, in the night. Walls fall between physical and spiritual, self and other, making it a natural home for empathic Pisces. This is a space of paradox, of endings and beginnings; where the journeying soul merges into the ethers from which it came, from which it will rise again. If looked at from the perspective of a lifespan, it's the end of physical life. But more figuratively, it's where you experience a loss of separateness and how you explore your yearning for wholeness. For some, it may be through artistic expression; for others through sacrificial service.

House Twelve holds beautiful wonders, like your imagination, alongside things you struggle to make sense of. It reveals where you feel lost and fall prey to illusion or addiction. These karmic waters have traveled with you for many lifetimes and, like its ruling planet Neptune, this space is a realm of spiritual lessons and self-undoing. These energies arise from your subconscious to find peace and closure in this lifetime.

Move away from sweeping statements like ' I am happy, I am depressed, I am a success, I am a failure, he is good, he is bad. This is my life forever '. Can you embrace yourself and the nature of all living things as multidimensional? You're free to take a completely different shape today than yesterday. And in this moment, you can be many things at once. Names and labels are useful but limiting.

Identify with your soul more than your emotions, and your sense of self more than your identity.

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