Pick A Card Oracle Reading

Drawn to do this one today. Below is a picture of three cards with a crystal under each one.

Card 1 - Pink Rose Quartz

Card 2 - Yellow and White Rough Cirtine

Card 3 - Amethyst Cluster

Look at the cards or the stone and see which one you are drawn to. You may be drawn to more than one. Go with what your heart says. Scroll below to find your card and it's meaning.

Today's cards are A Yogic Path oracle by Sahara Rose.

Love & Light


Card 1

Rose Quartz - The Stone of Love


subtle essence of intelligence and courage; radiant and glowing

Card Meaning: Your Intellect and courage glistens in your eyes. You have a radiant glow to you that reflects your passion within. You are on this planet for a reason and are deeply committed to you higher purpose. You carry a spark of energy that uplifts those around you and are a natural - born leader. As a warrior of love, you are committed to raising the vibration of this planet, even if it sparks controversy. By being your highest self and committing to your truth, you encourage others to do the same. Continue sharing your spark with others who have lost theirs.

Card 2

Yellow / White Rough Citrine - Content, Joyful, Happy


God of compassion and love

Card meaning: What does it feel like to be totally enamoured, raptured, and captivated with love for the divine? This is the essence of Krishna. You have entered a time where you have realised love is something so much greater than passion between two people. Instead, it is the origin of all life, where everything blossoms. You have trusted in the greater forces of the universe, and in return it supports you with it's all encompassing arms, embracing you like stars in the sky. Continue trusting that the diving is omnipresent and that you are not only a part of the universe, but the entire universe exists inside of you. Krishna also reminds you that play is a form of prayer.

Card 3

Purple Amethyst Cluster - Creativity, Study, Connect to the divine


the airy Dosha creative, imaginative, and unpredictable

Card meaning: Creative one, it is time to let your ideas flourish. You have gotten a gust of the Vasta wind energy and are riding its waves out to deeper waters. Ideas are bubbling within you, and your body has become a vessel for its creative blessings. Allow yourself to dance to the rhythm of your thoughts and let them take you to higher places. The veil between the stars and Earth has been lifted, and the downloads you are receiving are straight from the Universe. Be sure to anchor them down to this Earth with action, so your visions can manifest into reality.

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