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Today's cards are from the beautiful Beyond Lemuria Oracle by Izzy Ivy.

Above you will see a picture showing three cards 1, 2 & 3 (left to right). Close your eyes, tune in, and see which card you are drawn to. I have put crystals below each card as you may be drawn to a particular crystal instead. Scroll down to the number and read the message that is meant to find you

Todays card meanings are particularly long, please do read until the end as they may have an important message just for you.


Card 1

Furred & Feathered Friends

Ethical consumption, making a difference through our food and choices, caring for all beings, animals, environmental awareness, doing the best we can, animal spirit guides.

Animals are intuitive and sacred beings that walk the earth beside us. They are the wisdom keepers of many earth traditions and some of our most loving companions. They have much to teach us, and yet, the way some species are treated is quite unbelievable. As we become more empathic and our sense of compassion expands beyond that of our own family and community sphere, we start to see other beings and the quality of their lives as interconnected and equal. We may be inspired to align our actions with our compassion to minimise the harm we do to the planet and all her inhabitants.

As humans are evolving and moving to a lighter consciousness, our bodies may struggle to digest what was once healthy and fortifying. Also, when we are doing the work spiritually, we may feel more sensitive to things that don't fit with our values. When we take on the energy of a product that has suffering imbued in it, no matter how good it tastes or even how organic it is, we may notice a lowering of our vibration as it challenges our spiritual integrity.

This is not to say that there is one way of living and eating that everyone should adopt. This message is about doing the best we can within our circumstances. It is not always possible to access nutritious or locally produced alternatives. However, as consumers, we do have the power to push for change by choosing how and where we spend our money. When it comes to consumption, we have many more options in the West than did previous generations. Unfortunately, this variety has had a detrimental impact, and on a whole, need to eat more plant-based foods to address endemic health issues.

As the false food pyramids fall away, they reveal themselves as misinformation, marketing tools of the meat industry. We can let go of this falsehood, and choose nourishment that is sustainable, healthy, and inspiring. Also, be aware of environmental factors, such as land clearing and water use. Once you start to scratch the surface, you will discover alarming and eye-opening truths about food production. There is no need to be dogmatic about making a shift but do what you can - it does make a difference.

'May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all'

Translation of the Sanskrit prayer

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

Divinatory Meaning

Look at how you choose to nourish your physical body and your ethics and reasoning surrounding your food choices. Where possible, explore fortifying, filling, and nourishing alternatives. Your body and energy will thank you for it. This card also signifies strong animal energies. That could mean working more closely with an animal spirit guide or bringing a four-legged companion into your life. You may have a greater awareness of the wisdom of the animals that you encounter and what their traits or messages mean to you.

Card 2

Solar Plexus Chakra

Radiant Illumination

Personal power, independence, self-discipline, confidence, assertiveness, decision-making, belief, intellectual abilities, expression of will, bringing ideas into reality.

The solar plexus chakra is the radiant centre of our being. It holds the vibrant spark that brings our passions to life. Enter this space to step away from playing small, unworthiness, the idea that you are taking up space, and insecurity-based competitiveness. Allow yourself to be attuned to the abundant life force that resides within this centre, and be energized, motivated, filled with inspiration, enthused, and clear-minded, so you can bring forth more of yourself and what you wish to both in the world. As you can more confidently lift others in celebration, harmonising differences and shifting hierarchical paradigms into collective co-creation.


Remember that you are a powerful being who can connect with potent life-force energy as and when you need it. Be aware of what fuels your fire and consider circumstances where you had your power away. Imagine all the fragments of your energy that you have given away at some point and bring them all back to the centre of your being.

Themes: Your power and where you are putting your energy.

Healing Position: Navel.

Colour Wash: Golden yellow

If you would like to know more about the solar plexus chakra or blocked chakras please click on the links below:



Card 3


Energy re-balance, energetic awareness, healing yourself and others, exploring healing modalities, Reiki, the chakra system, your unique and innate ability to heal, colour vibration, soul sovereignty, auras, and the meridian system, aligning to the highest good and optimal health.

The Lemurians were well-versed in the practice of the healing arts. They were naturally intuitive and accustomed to navigating energetic-based realities. We all have natural healing abilities that are advanced when we deepen our energetic awareness. When we perceive the world beyond our more well-known senses, we start to receive information and wisdom that is different from that which stems from intellect. By tapping into life-force consciousness, and using the abounding energy alongside focused intention, we find that anything is possible.

You may already practice a form of natural healing, but find you sometimes feel quite drained. If this is the case, ensure the energy you are overflowing comes from an infinite stream of abundant universal energy. Rather than using your own resources, you may want to imagine the brightest, most love imbued luminescent light, flowing down from the heavens or the centre of the universe. And, alongside any healing intentions, include the statements. "For the greatest good".

Many healing modalities work with high vibrational energies. It can be wonderful to explore these in conjunction with your current practices. If you haven't done healing work before but feel called to do so now, follow this instinct. Being able to offer healing to loved ones or yourself is a gift. Exploring the art of energetic healing will significantly increase your psychic sensitivity.

Energetic healing is based on the meridian systems of the body. These systems, the chakras, are often depicted as coloured wheels of light. Each chakra connects to organs of the body, emotions, and related characteristics. Emanating from these powerful vortices is the energy field known as the aura. It is possible to train yourself to see the electromagnetic field around the body, and it can be photographed. The appearance of the aura is influenced by the chakras. Muddier or darker colours in the aura might imply some "spring cleaning" is in order.

Colour is how we perceive light frequencies. Every colour has a different vibration. Crystals are formed through vibration, and each carries its own frequency. Crystals are often used in spiritual healing because they hold the frequencies to bring the chakra points into balance. Sound healing is another example of this. Immersion in a sound bath experience aligns the brainwaves with frequencies conductive to self-healing as well as body and energy wholeness. We feel, hear and receive the sounds and are organically aligned to the same frequency they resonate at.

Many tools can help us restore our centred state of balance and our access to life-force power. When we engage them, the benefits will flow on to others. Healing is a path to true empowerment and energetic sovereignty. As we collectively raise our vibrations and wake each other up, we will see massive shifts forward, and old hierarchal foundations will fall away.

Divinatory Meaning:

Expand the margins of your awareness. Revisit the situation in question from a broader perspective or higher vibration with a focus on healing. This will help you decipher what is real, possible ways forward, and whether an issue is really a problem at all. This card can also signify the universal push that inspires you to explore your healing abilities, in whatever way that looks to you.

If you would like to know more about blocked chakras, please click on the link below:


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