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Today's cards are from the Sacred Destiny Oracle by Denise Linn.

Above you will see a picture showing three cards 1, 2 & 3 (left to right). Close your eyes, tune in, and see which card you are drawn to. I have put crystals below each card as you may be drawn to a particular crystal instead. Scroll down to the number and read the message that is meant to find you.

P.S: My apologies for being quiet of late. I have been currently studying a particular subject that is quite complex and time-consuming; however, through my angels, guides, unusual books, and spiritual downloads, I feel as though I am drawing closer to understanding this fascinating tale in a completely different light to what is previously known, or rather, not known.

I look forward to sharing it with you soon.

Sending Love & Light


Pile 1 (with extra bonus card)


Lofty Waterfall

Symbolically, water usually relates to emotions - moving water is moving and fluid emotions. It represents letting go and release. Water also represents spirituality, and moving water can represent spiritual rejuvenation, regeneration, and renewal. Water falling from a great height, such as a lofty waterfall, intensifies every meaning of water. The power of the moving water doesn't allow life to be stagnant; it activates new experiences and adventures.

The Sacred Landscape Wants You To Know;

Something exciting is around the corner. You are entering a new frontier filled with expansive energy. Begin to look at your world in new and different ways. Something that you thought was mundane, or someone whom you may have overlooked, will open the door to new opportunities and a bigger and bolder way of living. Be willing to see the world around you in new ways. Don't be lulled into complacency. This card appears when you're ready to remove the blinders and take action so life doesn't become stagnant and lackluster. It also can signify incredible spiritual attunement and spiritual voyages.

Bonus Card


Holy Spring

In many ancient cultures, it was believed that there were some springs that were holy. Gods and goddesses were thought to reside in or near these special places, and they were revered. Greek mythology is replete with stories of these special places. Many of the Christain hallowed water sources, such as the Challice Well, were used for sacred purposes long before Christianity rose to prominence. These kinds of springs were thought to be healing waters where blessings were bestowed by mystical beings.

The Sacred Landscape Wants You To Know;

Immense blessings are emerging into your life from those in Spirit. Angels, guides, and spirit guardians are watching over you. Angelic interventions are available to you. Be open to the voice of the Divine. Messages are all around you. You are protected; you are safe. Have faith that your path is guided. Watch for signs that spiritual beings are present. Profound healing energy is flowing to you in wonderous ways. Refreshing, replenishing energy is filling your life.

*Note* with both cards showing images of birds and flowing water, these look to be highly symbolic to you at the moment. If you have started noticing birds a lot more than usual, look up their spiritual meaning as they may have a more detailed message for you. If you have a flowing stream near you, sit beside it and allow any negativity you may be holding inside to flow away. This can also be done whilst taking a shower or whilst running a bath.

Pile 2


Quartz Crystal

Natural rock crystals - clear, amethyst, citrine, rose and smoky - were all revered in ancient times. The Aboriginies of Australia called it maban, which was the material through which their shamans and elders gained their magical powers. The Egyptians believed quartz had mystical healing abilities and would bury their dead with a piece of crystal on their forehead. The Greeks and Romans believed crystals were solid ice that had been formed by the gods and thus had mystical powers. Even to the present day, people believe that crystals can help manifest their intentions. Perhaps that is because of the piezoelectric qualities of quartz - the reason why quartz can amplify radio signals. There are some places in the world where it's not uncommon to find crystals on the surface of the land. These are especially powerful because they have found you in their natural setting.

The Sacred Landscape Wants You To Know;

Just around the corner, exciting possibilities are waiting for you. Wonders will be abounding in your life! Sometimes they won't be apparent at first, nevertheless, they are there. The more you see them and embrace them, the more these possibilities will grow in magnitude. Celebrate and cherish even the smaller ones, no matter how tiny they may seem. Let go of expectations. Don't limit the way that you think that wonderous events could appear in your life. Be open. If you believe, anything and everything is possible.

Pile 3



A floodplain is a naturally occurring phenomenon in which the land adjacent to a river floods out to far banks of the surrounding land during times of high water. Land that is normally dry may be underwater for a period of time. When this occurs silt, sand and nutrients are deposited. For this reason, floodplains are often areas of great fertility as well as rich ecosystems. They are excellent areas for lush, abundant crops. It is a natural occurrence that allows life in all areas to thrive.

The Sacred Landscape wants You To Know;

Sometimes life overflows with emotions, which can feel uncomfortable. However, the ensuing result of this discomfort can be of great value, perhaps arising from an unseen or unknown source. You get this card when emotions are seemingly overflowing...or not flowing at all. Cherish the overflow of emotions, and embrace the times that seem murky, for your inner floodplains are being replenished, and as a result, there will be great spiritual and physical expansion. Embrace all your emotions; when you do so, greater prosperity and fertility will flow into your life. Alternatively, if your emotions have been blocked, this is the time to explore and experience them.

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