Pick A Card - What do you need to heal?

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Today's cards are from the Heal Yourself deck by Inna Segal.

Above, you will see a picture showing five cards 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 (left to right). Close your eyes, tune in, and see which card you are drawn to. I have put crystals below each card as you may be drawn to a particular crystal instead. Scroll down to the number and read the message that is meant to find you.

The cards used in today's pick a card are quite deep. Some of the wording may come across as a little harsh, however, when we need to heal from something it usually involves giving ourselves a good talking to. If the card you choose resonates with you and you feel ready to heal, take things slow. Healing from anything is a delicate process; take your time, make sure to rest when you can, and look forward to a brighter future by releasing what no longer serves you. If the card/s you choose do not resonate, maybe there will be a more personal message for you in the next pick a card.

Sending Love & Light


Card 1

Help From Above

Your positive intentions and heartfelt prayers have been heard.

You are loved beyond your wildest dreams. Divine beings are working on your behalf to create the perfect circumstances for you to heal and open your heart. There is a Higher-Order and timing to all things.

You are being asked to work on your self-worth so that you can receive you're greatest good in the form of incredible love, life-transforming opportunities, healing, abundance, and Divine inspiration.

Keep asking for higher help and intervention in any area of your life. Then follow your intuition and lower your barriers. Let go of any notions of how Divinity will bring about your deepest heart's yearning. It may not be in the package you would expect, but it will be life-altering.

Your heart is about to be challenged to open wider than ever before. That may require you to feel some fear and pain. Do not run away from this experience. Take steps forward with faith that your greater good is coming.


Place your hands on your heart. Ask yourself clearly what you desire. Imagine what it looks like and feels like to have this. Then surround this image with silver light. Imagine sending this image with the silver light into the middle of the universe. Ask that you receive this image or something much better.

Take a moment to reflect on feeling good like you already have the help you require.

Card 2

Selling Out

Your integrity and inner strength are being severely tested. You have an opportunity to act with either fear or love.

Where in your life are you selling out or acting out of integrity? Are you in a job you hate? Are you living in a toxic environment and making yourself sick in the pursuit of financial security? This card asks you to find the courage to stand up for your convictions and take steps towards doing what you love.

Selling out is linked to the shadow aspect of the Prostitute archetype. When you connect to this archetype, you can examine your fears around survival, power, responsibility, and success.

On the light side, the prostitute can lead you to freedom, self-expression, choice, and love.

ACTION You have to make a choice whether you will use your power, talents, and abilities for selfishness and exploitation or the higher good?

Take a few deep breaths and focus on your body. Become conscious of where in your body you feel like you are losing your energy and your power.

Place your hands on that part of your body. Visualize your prostitute archetype; it can look similar to this card or a darker version of you. Ask this archetype to show you where in your life you are selling out. Become aware of how this affects various areas of your life and your physical and emotional health.

Ask your Prostitute aspect to help you regain your inner strength and make empowering decisions.

Card 3


You are letting too many things in your environment control your life.

You have drawn this card because it is time for a shift in personal power. You are encouraged to take responsibility for your life and choose new ways of thinking that create change.

The reality is that for you to make the changes you want, need, and desire, you need a system, daily discipline, and motivation.

As long as you blame outside influences for any circumstances in your life, you are powerless - it's the government, your abusive background, the interest rates, and the bank's fault.

The system that many ultra-successful people use is; they read books every day, listen to audios, go to as many seminars as they can, practice recognising others' achievements, and form relationships with like-minded people.


Ask yourself; are the people in my life building me up and inspiring me? If not, it is time to take charge and start making changes in your environment. Your first step could be cutting out all negative media from your daily life. Another important action could involve changing your diet, cutting out sugar, food with MSG and GMO, and replacing them with fresh, organic vegetables.

Take a moment and say the following statement to yourself or out loud. I am in control of my life. Nothing can affect me unless I choose to let it. My thoughts create my reality ' Keep repeating this statement until you feel stronger. Eventually, you will believe it. It will help you to make new choices. Remember, your words and self-talk are very powerful in altering physiology.

Card 4

Soul Mate

Open your heart and invite sacred love.

Your soul mate is not far from you. To connect with them, you need to open your heart, call them in and have patience. If you are not ready to accept your soul mate, keep working on self-love.

You will be drawn to your soulmate like a magnet and feel an immense sense of familiarity like you have known them before. Our capacity to love will increase dramatically, and you will experience a higher state of consciousness. No one can touch your heart in the same way that a soul mate can.

It is important to note that your soul mate will not necessarily be your partner. He or she may come in a completely different form than you have imagined, but they will offer you incredible wisdom, growth, and expansion.

Be aware that we connect with our soul mates when we are ready to truly evolve and move to the next level of consciousness and life experience. We attract them in our lives when we need to open our hearts fully and learn about unconditional love.


Take some slow deep breaths. Connect to your heart. Imagine calling your soul mate towards you. You don't have to know what they look like, just feel the openness in your heart and allow yourself to connect to their heart. Imagine that there is a gold cord attaching you to them, with beautiful, loving energy flowing between you.

Know that you are supported and will soon meet each other in physical reality.

Keep working on opening your heart and enjoying your life.

Card 5

Letting Go

This situation has served its purpose.

You are challenged to change your point of view and recognise that this particular relationship has run its course. Although you might be afraid to let go, the universe has a new opportunity for you, which will allow you to experience the kind of passion and satisfaction you have always dreamed of.

Saying goodbye is never easy and can make you feel like you are a failure. You must not allow yourself to be persuaded by other people or your doubts to keep holding on.

Focus on opening your heart to a new opportunity. Leave the baggage of past mistakes behind you.

It is important that during the 'letting go' process, you are gentle with yourself. Allow yourself to have alone time - write, meditate, paint, sing, dance. Do whatever you can do to heal and let go of the pain that is holding you back. Recognise that your spirit is beckoning you to grow.

ACTION When you feel stuck in a point of view, you can ask yourself, is this my belief or someone else's? How does it serve me? Am I willing to let go of my fears and unfounded limitations?

Say: Divine Healing Intelligence, please assist me to let go of this situation.............................. (state what it is), habit (state what it is)............................, person (say their name)........................ with ease and grace. Inspire me to move forward with freedom, lightness, and a feeling of completion. Bring into my reality new and empowering experiences, people, and opportunities. 'Thank you' Repeat the word 'Clear' several times.

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