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Today's cards are from The Archangel Animal Oracle deck by Diana Cooper.

Below you will see a picture showing three cards 1, 2 & 3 (left to right). Close your eyes, tune in, and see which card you are drawn to. I have put crystals below each card as you may be drawn to a particular crystal instead. Scroll down to the number and read the message that is meant to find you.

Card 1

Guinea Pig

Do your part to illuminate the universe.

Archangel Mary

Guinea Pigs:

These gentle little creatures are the only animals to incarnate from Venus, the planet of love. They have undertaken a huge mission on Earth to open and heal hearts, and they can do so because they are small and vulnerable so people accept them.

When you hold or think of a guinea pig, it automatically connects you directly to the Cosmic Heart, so that you receive a download of agape (pure, unconditional love). This especially heals those who have hurt or abused hearts. This is so important at this time when we are preparing for the new Golden Age.

The energy of the guinea pig activates your connection through Venus to all the stars in the cosmos. Then the links are all illuminated with beautiful pink love. Through these animals, you can help to bring this wonderful universe together with love.

Guinea pigs are unique and highly evolved creatures whose soul mission is to give and receive love.


This card is of love. Just reading it starts to connect you energetically to the guinea pigs and through them to the Cosmic Heart. Be open to receiving a download of agape.

Remember that when love flows from your heart, it ignites the hearts of all around you. Then, for a brief and glorious moment, you activate and light up the stellar links throughout creation with bright pink love. In this way, you do your part to illuminate the universe. In response, the cosmos floods you with love and all manner of abundance. Just relax and trust, knowing that love is coming to you.

Card 2


Demonstrate grace and majesty.

Archangel Bhokpi


These beautiful, graceful birds come from Lakumay, they ascended aspects of Sirius. They carry sacred geometric symbols of peace, calm, and elegance in their auras, which they spread into the waters and the land. Their tranquillity as they float across the water impacts people's energy fields and creates a soothing effect. White swans teach lessons of purity, serenity, and beauty, while black ones also spread the wisdom of the divine feminine.

Their regal qualities ensure that they are treated with respect. Like all majestic creatures they believe in themselves, so they impart a subliminal message that they will brook no interference from others as they can and will defend themselves. Indeed, if angered, swans can be ferocious and formidable.


Your guidance from this card is to develop your regal qualities. Believe in yourself. Know you are special and beautiful. Trust your inner self and be confident. Act with calm, peace, and grace at all times. Even though your thoughts may be working overtime, maintain a relaxed and serene exterior and this will bring you to equilibrium.

Be charming and pleasant, and at the same time expect people to honour you and treat you with respect. If anyone oversteps the mark with you, make it perfectly clear that this is unacceptable and you are prepared to take action if necessary.

You will act as an energetic pool of peace and this will soothe and calm everyone around you. Your pure light will then facilitate good relationships and better decisions, as you are acting from wisdom and true power.

Card 3


Live according to your Divine Essence.

The Element Kingdom


Snakes come from many universes, bringing their light and wisdom with them. They step down to Earth through Neptune, where they collect the key codes from Atlantis and Lemuria. When they become physical they crawl on the ground and spread this information so that anyone can access it. They are then closely connected to Hollow Earth, and energetically bring up ancient knowledge and the records of the history of the planet.

Snakes are messengers who bring warnings or remind you to look beyond the outer appearance of something or someone around you. Often they bear the good news that change or transformation is on its way. They may herald an expansion of consciousness, which will inevitably revolutionize your life.

All reptiles still carry the original divine blueprint or essence they received when they were created. This offers them power and purity, and is why snake magic offers a powerful energetic protection if you call on it sincerely.


You are asked to be very aware today because the Snake card is bringing you a message that something is about to happen. Are you ready to burst out of your skin and expand your life? Is it time to plan a holiday or move house? Is an opportunity going to be presented to you?

On the other hand, this card may be offering a warning. Can you trust the people around you? Look beyond the surface and listen to your gut instinct. Remember to call on your snake magic if you feel you need protection and know that this will keep you safe. Your guidance is to be ready for any eventuality.

Tune in to the wisdom of the universe that is available to you now.

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