Obsidian Crystal

Updated: May 21, 2021

The Obsidian blog is a follow on from the Rhodonite crystal taken from

The Illustrated Crystallary by Maia Toll

Let's be clear; Obsidian is a not a gentle friend. Precise, yes, Masterful, always. Quicker than a cheetah taking down it's gazelle? Absolutely. But gentle? That's not Obsidian's domain. An uncompromising mirror and a surgically sharp blade, Obsidian helps you to see your shadows and excise them.

No long, drawn out therapy sessions or weeks of vacillating. When it's time to let go,Obsidian tells you, there's no mercy in taking it slow. And that, in and of itself, is sometimes a relief. When you need the kind of honesty that lets you see your shadows clearly; when you are truly ready to make a final and clean break; when you want the letting go to be fast, call on Obsidian.

Cutting Cords

Since the Stone Age, Obsidian has been used when a sharp edge is needed. Surgeons still use Obsidian scalpels when they need a blade sharper than surgical steel.

While we physically move on from relationships, jobs, homes, we sometimes hold onto an emotional or spiritual part of our past. Obsidian is the perfect ally to metaphorically cur the cord.

Begin by closing your eyes and asking yourself where on or in your body you still feel an attachment. Go with your first impression and don't overthink it. Maybe you'll know who or what that cord is, maybe not (and that's okay!). Ask yourself if you're ready to release whatever bindings you find. When the answer is yes, imagine your hand as an Obsidian blade and use it to cut the cord. This is emotional / spiritual surgery, so be gentle with yourself as you heal.

Shock and Sharpness

Obsidian was shocked into existence, formed as a molten volcanic glass cooled quickly; so quickly, in fact, there wasn't time for the molecules to organise into a crystalline matrix (so it's not actually as crystal). Like Obsidian, experiencing the trauma of extreme situations can cause us to freeze in an amorphous state. Our thought might remain unorganised, our reactions defensive, sharp and cutting.

What events in your life have formed fissures in your personality? What happens when you revisit those moments with Obsidian's medicine of unremitting honesty?


A powerful creative stone

Increase self control

Forces facing up to ones self

Releases imbalances and negative energy


Provides support during change

Reveals the truth

Re-balances the digestive system

Can ease pain

Joint pain


Helps reorganise the cause of DIS - EASE

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