Neptune in Astrology

Updated: May 27, 2021

Fun Facts:

Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun. Its distance 2.795 billion miles ( 4.5 billion km)

Neptune is the most distant planet.

Neptune is not only blue but is the coldest planet in the solar system.

Like Saturn, Neptune has rings.

Neptune in astrology rules the zodiac sign of Pisces and can be a little complicated to figure out. Like anything, Neptune has two sides to it, the lovely dreamy, fairytale side that lets your imagination run away with you in the most excellent way. Creativity is another unique trait given by Neptune; you may find actors, artists, or musicians may have a lot of Neptune in their natal chart. Neptune is also known as the planet of spirituality, encouraging oneself to look deep within, to find one's purpose, as well as peace, harmony, and acceptance. If you are not in alignment with your soul, life can become a little confusing. You may come to a crossroads and not know which route to take.

The other side of Neptune is the foggy side. Your life path may seem a bit hazy; it may leave you feeling confused, sending you on a bit of a downward spiral of addictions, falseness, insecurities, wanting more, or believing all the negativity around you to be true. Sadly we all experience this at some point in our lives. We've all been there, letting our imaginations run wild with thoughts of more money, a bigger home, a nice car, or flying off on a luxurious holiday. We can all become a little greedy or think the things we don't have will make our lives all that much better.

Neptune is a bit like that truthful best friend; you know at times their advice is spot on; however, you're not quite ready to listen to it just yet. But when you do, you wonder why you didn't listen to it sooner.

Named after the Roman God of the sea, Poseidon, like Poseidon, Neptune can become a little arrogant and hotheaded sometimes. Poseidon was envious of his brother Zeus. After their father died, Zeus became the supreme ruler of the Gods, with Poseidon becoming the God of the sea, still pretty cool, but that wasn't good enough for Poseidon. He knew he would never achieve a role like his brother, which made him quarrelsome, greedy, and wanting more than he had, often disputing with other gods when trying to take over their cities.

I have quite a bit of Neptune in my chart, which explains a lot. I'm not afraid to tell people of my past because I believe that is what made me the person I am today. I went off the rails in my younger years. Unlike Poseidon, I didn't necessarily want anything as such, nor was I greedy in wanting the best of the best, but life was pretty confusing. All I wanted was to feel 'normal' (although now I am older, I have learned that word is a fabrication). I would look around and would wonder why I was so different from everyone else?

Alcohol was my downfall, my escapism; the only thing that helped with that was draining my bank account. I hit a crossroads in my teens, although mine felt more like spaghetti junction. I tried to pull myself together many times, realising I was here on Earth for a reason, and it wasn't to feel sorry for myself and drink myself silly. What I didn't realise at the time was that I was very fortunate with what I had been blessed with compared to some, but as hard as I tried, I couldn't figure out what I needed to do or where my life was heading. I was lost, so very lost; life seemed like it was just passing me by. I wanted to escape it, I tried to escape, but the universe had other ideas. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, I received the devasting news a close friend had died. Twenty-four years later, it still doesn't seem quite real. If I was confused with life before, I was even more confused now. It made me question so much.

Out of all the people I knew, why would God take him? Always so sweet, caring, and thoughtful. Growing up, I would often catch him looking at me with a sadness in his eyes, almost like he could see deep within my soul, but like me, not quite sure how to fix me.

I have no idea how anyone who knew him got through that dreadful time, yet somehow with a numb and heavy heart, life seemed to carry on. Sadly his passing and unbeknown to me his guidance would create a chance meeting with his dear mother, proving he was still around, still looking out for his friends and family.

That dull, cold, gloomy day, mugs of tea in our hands trying to warm ourselves up, with both tears of joy and sadness sliding down our cheeks from relaying stories, would be the day that would change my life. The story his mum told me would eventually lead me to the path I believe I was destined to be on, the spiritual path, the one that has and continues to change my life. My eyes were finally opened, helping me to slowly realise what life's truly about.

For someone to come into one's life and gently guide them onto a path unbeknown to that person is a true gift, a blessing, and an honor. If life had panned out the way it should have for me, I would never have known this family, but my life was always meant to be different; I get that now, although bittersweet, I shall be forever grateful our paths crossed.

As for my dear friend, he remains a true friend to this day. I still feel his beautiful energy.

I can feel it at this very moment.

Neptune can be a pain in the bottom, but it can also be a blessing in disguise. I have managed to experience both the good and not-so-good lessons from Neptune, yet I am grateful for what it has taught me, and gosh, it has taught me a lot. Of course, my life didn't go from confusion to perfection (by the way, perfection is another fabricated word) with the click of a finger. I lost my way several times over the years, but the one thing I never lost was my faith. The loved ones I have lost over time would make sure of that.

I've had a lot of work to do and an awful lot of soul searching and acceptance. I truly believe the one thing that got me through was my faith. Whatever it was that I believed in that made me feel different, I knew that would be what would save me. I didn't know what it was, yet I could feel it. Something or someone was guiding me I knew I could trust, trust to help me find my way, and they did.

Neptune gives you that little nudge when it feels like you need it, leading you to all sorts of wonderful, spiritual experiences. It has made me appreciate the bigger things in life like healing the soul, finding peace within, and that it is ok to be different, actually not just ok but bloody amazing. I've stopped looking around in the hope someone will answer my questions, I've realised only I can answer them, and if I can't then, that's ok. Above I mentioned that Neptune has rings, but did you know they are believed to be incomplete? As powerful as Neptune is, he still carries on, remaining positive, functioning well, and doing what he was destined to do even tho some, including himself, may see him as a little broken.

I have to say; this blog didn't entirely turn out the way I had planned. The notes I had ready to use remain in my notepad unused, another perfect example of life. I should feel a little embarrassed revealing so much, maybe I should go back to my notes and put them in as planned, yet somehow it feels appropriate to leave an honest snippet of someone's life experience in to show that life can be so challenging at times but also to remember the challenges can't and won't remain forever.

If you can find out how to love yourself, not just admiring yourself in the mirror but genuinely love yourself, your soul, flaws, mistakes n all, that is half the battle won. I can assure you Neptune will help you find your feet, pick you up, dust you down and get you on the path you are destined for. The trials in life are all part of the journey, yeah we may hit a dead end, but like a dead-end during a car journey, you would turn the car around and find a different route until you reach your destination. All that is needed is a little faith, hope, and love from within. The journey may take a little longer, but you'll get there, believe me, you will. Work with Neptune and not against it. Keep smiling, keep believing and keep dreaming. There is a dream out there for each and every one of us; you don't need to search for it; it will appear all in good time.

Neptune crystals to work with:


Blue Kyanite



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Sending love and light


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