Native Spirit - Pick A Card

Today's cards are from the Native Spirit Oracle by Denise Linn.

Above you will see a picture showing three cards 1, 2, & 3 (left to right). Close your eyes, tune in, and see which card you are drawn to. I have put crystals below each card as you may be drawn to a particular crystal instead. Scroll down to the number and read the message that is meant to find you.

Sending Love & Light


Card 1

Freedom Horse

Card Meaning;

Let your spirit fly! Do not hold back. Break free and express yourself. Flaunt your stuff, dance, laugh, explore and go beyond predictable behavior. Get out of the rut. You don't need to fit the mold. Be daring. Fling your arms to the heavens in joy.

Your Native Spirit Wants You To Know:

The horse allowed the natives of the Americas and Mongolia to travel great distances with ease. The horse also carried their supplies, which additionally granted freedom to those ancient peoples. This card chose you to remind you that you aren't here to be ordinary but to step beyond limitations and self-imposed boundaries. Don't allow yourself to be trapped by convention or the expectations of others. You have the ability to choose your life on your terms. Replace the phrase "I should" with "I could....but I choose not to at this time." Perhaps you aren't always free to create the exact circumstances of your life - but you're certainly able to decide what meaning to give those situations. Select meanings that empower you, for this is the time to break free.

The Journey:

The way you use your body can change your state. Put on music and dance with wild abandon. As you do so, this sends a powerful message to your subconscious that you are indeed truly free.

Card 2

Owl Medicine

Card Meaning:

Wisdom. Illumination. Intuition, clairvoyance, and deep insight abound. Go within. Profound majesty and grace are available to you simply by pulling your awareness inward. Ancient knowledge is emerging within you. You know the truth. Trust your perception. You are a truth-seeker and a truth-sharer. Nurture the feminine spirit within you.

Your Native Spirit Wants You To Know:

In some indigenous cultures, the men say that they're afraid of the owl because it represents the power of women and they're in awe of (and even afraid of) the power of women. Other native cultures call it the 'night eagle', for it has the majesty of the eagle but works silently in the darkness of night. (In western cultures, the owl sits on the shoulder of Athena and also of Merlin, revealing sacred truths.) When this card chooses you. you are at the advent of a time of illumination and transformation.

The Journey:

In a meditative state, imagine that you have shape-shifted into an owl and you are soaring silently through the night. Your ability to see, even in the darkness, is remarkable. This corresponds with your ability to perceive the truth even in murky situations in life.

Card 3

Smudging Ceremony

Card Meaning:

Let go of the past. Purify. Detox. Release whatever doesn't serve or support you in your life. Cleanse your body and environment by doing space clearing and clutter clearing. Let go of the old, discarded, and unused to make way for new energy and new beginnings. Eat lightly, drink lots of freshwater, and consume food with a strong life force.

Your Native Spirit Wants You To Know:

Smudging is a native tradition that involves using the smoke of burning herbs to symbolically "wash" space in a ceremonial manner. Sometimes your energy field or the energy field of your environment becomes so cluttered and dingy that you cant see the world around you clearly and you have trouble hearing the messages from your soul. When you take the time to purify yourself and your environment, not only do you feel lighter and brighter but also you're a clearer channel for the light. The brilliance that pours through you can heal and help many people.....but first the past has to be clear.

The Journey:

Using the smoke of incense or sage, cup your hands into the smoke and "wash" over the top of your head, saying "That I think clearly". Then cup the smoke to your eyes, saying, "That I may see the truth." Finally, waft the smoke to your heart area, saying, "That my heart be open".

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