Lions Gate Portal 08.08.2021

The Lions Gate is a mighty time of year; however, with the new moon in Leo falling on the same day this year, be prepared to feel extra powerful energy around this time.

The Lions Gate portal is when the sun is in Leo, the star Sirius moves closer to Earth and aligns with Orion's belt. The portal opens every year between 28th July and 12th August, but the 8th of August is considered its official activation day.

Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, rises during the middle of summer. Its energies force opportunities of new beginnings, spiritual awakenings, and lifting one's consciousness to new heights, creating all kinds of emotions of happiness and enthusiasm one moment to feeling overwhelmed and confused the next. Of course, sleep patterns may become a little disrupted also. Still, with such powerful energy radiating down to us here on Earth, it will be almost impossible for us not to be affected one way or another.

Important to many tribes and ancient civilizations, the most documented research of Sirius recorded was that of the Egyptians. The rising of Sirius was associated with prosperity and fertility as it coincided with the flooding of the River Nile. This was a wonderful thing to the Egyptians as it allowed crops to grow. Sirius became such an essential star to them they cleverly built the pyramids in exact alignment with its rising, believing these magnificent structures would act as transmissions with Sirius to transmit and download transparent messages to those on the ground. The Sphinx (originally thought to have the head of a lion) also aligns with the Leo zodiac during this time of year. The Egyptians believed the Sphinx would receive divine messages from Anubis & Isis, the two Gods connected to Sirius.

So what exactly does the Lions Gate mean for us? Not only the brightest star in the sky, Sirius is also known as the Spiritual Sun. An extremely vital part of the night sky, it illuminates the truth of our timeless soul, allowing us to become highly advanced beings by tapping into the traits this miraculous star brings - wisdom, love, luck, positivity, and abundance.

The Lions Gate enhances our ability to become aware of what we truly desire. The passion within our soul becomes ignited, allowing us to feel the awe-inspiring traits of courage, strength, unconditional love, and expression Leo brings. These feelings are brought to the forefront of our hearts and minds. Anything that no longer serves us, be that career, friends, family, or location we live in, is highlighted as a harmful distraction. The time of pleasing everyone else and putting our dreams and ambitions on hold will become a distant memory. It's time to slow down, look after ourselves, eat better, drink more water, read more books, meditate, tune into our intuition and the energy levels sent from the Lions Gate Portal.

The Lions Gate brings exciting times to manifest change and bring our hopes to fruition. Ruller of the heart, Leo will allow us to focus on the importance of self-belief these next few weeks, a vital trait many of us lack.

Love & Light


Guided to my lovely Auset Egyptian Oracle cards by Elizabeth Jensen, a beautiful and appropriate card fell out for me to share



True Future


(numerology 34 breaks down to 7, a highly spiritual number)

Scrying was a popular divination method used by the priestesses at Isis and Dendera Temples. Gazing into the water and essential oils in a crystal bowl, using a mirror of black obsidian or clear quartz crystal balls were all utilised. The Goddess Hathor always carried a shield that acted as a mirror to see the future, and the other side had a mirror to enable people to see themselves in their own true light. This duality is necessary for a true reading.

Channeled Message From Auset:

I am the Goddess of the past, present, and future. Know your soul has a blueprint known as your true future. You must activate your seeds of divinity to follow your purpose for first-ever incarnating on earth. Follow your soul's purpose and this will be your final time on earth. Enlightenment will be yours, glorious eternal life with the gods in the heavenly fields await you. Your true future will be fully revealed when you are truly ready.

Card Meanings:

Abundance: Spiritual abundance is yours now but financial abundance is awaiting the clearing of difficult karma.

Love: Your divine star soulmate or the person you are meant to be with in this lifetime is already with you or close to you.

Work/Career: Develop the gifts of prophecy and healing to discover your true purpose, but for now you are in the correct work for you.

Travel: To any high-energy location would go well, otherwise stay at home if possible.

Health: Your health conditions are connected to your past life issues. Karmic release or past-life regression would be helpful to you.

Family: Family members will respond well to your spiritual insights and healing.

Future: Your true future requires much work to implement, but will bring you great joy.

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