Full Moon In Aquarius 22 August 2021

Full moons are linked to a wide range of interesting stories from both folklore and recent times. My first recollection of these stories began while (at a youngish age) watching a popular film from the '80s; the plot - an American man, a wolf, and London. Let's just say I think I saw more of the pillow I was clutching than the film. However, although there are many negative things said about a full moon, there are many positives.

There are eight phases to the moon. One of these being a full moon which occurs when the moon is directly opposite the sun during its orbit around Earth. Thus, Earth's sunlit side is visible, allowing us to view this magnificent celestial body in our night sky.

For hundreds of years, traditional folklore has declared that each moon phase is good for performing certain activities. In astrological terms, moon phases begin with a new moon, indicating new beginnings, finishing with a full moon associated with death and rebirth. Please note, similar to the death card in tarot; death doesn't literally mean death; it means the old you, the person you once were.

When a full moon integrates with a zodiac sign (in this case, Aqua), additional meanings are combined. Both free-spirited and eccentric Aquarians are interesting characters. With their humanitarian, love, and peace attitude, truth-seeking, and rebellious streak, this full moon will most defiantly be an interesting one.

Expect yourself to be taken on a journey this month, not a physical one but an emotional one. It's time for change. Emotional awareness will advance to a greater level. The loners of the zodiac, Aquarians, prefer alone time to figure things out, mainly themselves, which may be ideal for those of us looking to do the same. If you have already started your journey, keep going 🤗. The Aquarian full moon in Leo season encourages us to be courageous, understand what we want and need, set ourselves free, release what no longer serves us, and spread our wings, which will allow us to take flight and soar.

Clear communications, clarity, and strength in relationships, contracts, or negotiations will allow us to be productive, move forward, and show our appreciation and gratitude during this present time.

Expect more earthy feelings and a possible urge to feel grounded; this will be the universe encouraging our energies to carry us forward. It's time to get back on track, keep going, focus on the finishing line, and look forward to the rewards of freedom and growth that will be truly deserved.

Sending Love & Light


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