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Chrysocolla Crystal

Updated: Feb 23

Chrysocolla received its name through the Ancient Greek Philosopher Theopharastus around 300 BC when he noticed its resemblance to a borax-based material used for welding gold.

Worn by many throughout ancient times, Egyptians were known to call chrysocolla the 'wise stone' or the 'stone of wisdom' as it would be known to give the wearer a calming effect, particularly when dealing with unruly, hotheaded people. Cleopatra was known to gift chrysocolla when rulers, officials, and heads of state were in attendance. Egyptians would also wear chrysocolla as protection from psychic attacks, psychological injury, or emotional abuse. Wearing chrysocolla wasn't just for adults; children were also given this crystal to wear as protection and possibly to help ward off unwanted influences during life and death.

Chrysocolla is a beautiful stone. One will notice the resemblance to our earthly planet. With its bright blue colouring representing the waters and the green representing the land, it will come as no surprise that this stone represents the gentleness and power of the beautiful feminine energy, grounding us, centring us, and connecting us to Mother Gaia to help promote Earth healing and healing within oneself.

Pic: Rough Chrysocolla

A stone that promotes healing emotions relating to the heart, from a broken heart to releasing guilt, fear, or pain linked to various relationships. When working with chrysocolla, remember the elements above, with blue representing water. Water has been used since time began for its healing benefits, peace/calm, purity, flow, life, and new beginnings, whilst the green represents land, connections, growth, and beauty; green also represents healing and is the colour linked to the heart chakra.

Chrysocolla is excellent for releasing tension and phobias, allowing one to remain calm and think clearly during stressful situations. Perfect for connecting to our feminine side with the extra benefits of reducing menstrual pain. When working with this stone, we may notice ourselves going deep within our soul and connecting to many feminine energies and deities. They may encourage healing ourselves or inspire us to become creative with a new hobby such as painting, writing or making something either for ourselves or to sell. Chrysocolla is also linked to the throat chakra, encouraging confidence and communication skills, perfect for those nervous about interviews, speeches, and standing up for themselves.

Other benefits include:

Digestion health

Joint pain

Metabolism and Thyroid issues

Asthma and other breathing conditions



Love & Light


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Nikki Harte
Nikki Harte
May 02, 2021

Oh I've seen this lots but never knew what it was.

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