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Updated: Jun 18, 2021

You may be wondering, out of all the beautiful birds to choose from, why did I choose to write about a pigeon? The pigeon is probably the most underrated bird to fly in the sky, and well, me being me, I was hoping to change people's perspective of this fascinating creature.

Originating from the dove family, pigeons aren't quite viewed as the beautiful white dove; in fact, quite the opposite, which is a great shame considering this extraordinary bird represents love.

We can find the first reference of pigeons in hieroglyphics and Mesopotamian cuneiform tablets from more than 5,000 years ago. Images of pigeons were also found in an excavated temple dedicated to the goddess Ninhursag (Queen of Heaven and Earth). The Bible also records Dove's playing an important role in the story of Noah and the Flood. After seven days, Noah sent one of his dove's off to see if they could find land. The dove returned with a fresh olive leaf in its beak showing the waters had receded, and life had returned; the flood had ended.

Fast forward a couple of thousand years to the recent and quite frankly mindblowing studies of pigeons being able to detect Breast Cancer in humans. They cannot only do this, but previous research has also shown pigeons to distinguish identities and emotional expressions on a human's face, letters of the alphabet, misshapen pharmaceutical capsules, and paintings between Monet and Picasso. What's even more impressive is that a pigeon's brain is no bigger than the tip of a human's index finger.

Spiritually, as mentioned above, pigeons are here to represent love and good luck. If you see a pigeon, it may want you to look at your personal life. Are you happy? Do the relationships in your life make you happy? Is there anything you need or want to change in your life?

Change can be frightening, yet when you observe the pigeon, you will notice how well they adapt to the different environments they fly to, often flying there in flocks, indicating a strong sense of community. The pigeon can often appear to you for several reasons; one of them is feeling isolated or alone, which sadly many people have been this past year due to lockdown. On the other hand, maybe they are telling you to look to those who may help you; note that doesn't always mean family or friends; that can mean local organizations too. Look to your community for support, or you may be able to offer the support to someone in need.

Pigeons and Doves may also appear in one's life in the hope of showing how blessed you are. Sit back and see the genuine blessings you have been gifted, a warm home, nice food, good health, family and friends, etc. If we've learned anything from 2020, its material items are just that, thrown away in time and no longer appreciated. Yet the true blessings in life are the ones right under our nose, so very close that we often don't even see them.

So the next time you see a pigeon, observe them for a little while. What are they doing? Why do you think it has appeared? What is going on in your life that the pigeon may be able to show you? Is there anything you want to change in your life, or are you quite content with how life is going? Remember, the pigeon represents love, the most important feeling ever to exist. The pigeon is probably the least loved bird yet radiates it to those of us who can see it—what an extraordinary little thing. I hope when you next see a pigeon; it brings a smile to your face; even if you are feeling a little low, know a little bit of love and faith will help you through.

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