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Amber Gemstone

Updated: Feb 25

Technically not a crystal, amber is, in fact, fossilized resin from ancient trees, produced from a marrow discharged by the trees belonging to pine—a liquid first, which gradually hardens. Sourced in the Northern Baltic regions, including Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland, the Romans, particularly, would have amber imported south due to its increasing reputation as a powerful source of healing mysterious diseases and protection from evil.

The original Chinese name for amber translates as 'soul of the tiger.' Chinese origins believe that when a tiger dies, his soul enters the earth and becomes amber. Vikings were particularly fond of amber, carving amber pieces into animal shapes, believing they would inherit the animal's strength. The Vikings also used it to make Thor's hammers and other jewellery.

Once thought to be the congealed sunlight from Helios, the Sun God, its Greek origin, is linked to Phaethon, who fell into the Padus River while driving the chariot belonging to his father, Helios, after Zeus struck him with a thunderbolt. His crying sisters were transformed into trees, and their tears became amber. The Greek name for amber is electron due to its ability to produce electricity when rubbed.

Amber has many incredible benefits which can be used today. The most popular is elevating the pain in babies when teething. Although today we would purchase an amber bangle for babies to wear around their ankles or wrists, back in the day, a baby would have been given a lump of amber to chew on to relieve their sore gums (highly advised against chewing it today).

A very spiritual gemstone, amber is perfect for aligning one's self to higher spiritual realms as well as recalling past lives, allowing one to see the negative patterns possibly brought forward to this lifetime, enabling us to break free, breaking the chains that keep us bound the ones hindering our chances of starting again.

Adults wearing or working with amber will find it helps purify the mind, body, and soul. It encourages the balance of yin and yang in the body, enabling it to balance the right and left parts of the brain. Perfect for boosting energy levels, clearing the mind from negative or stagnant thoughts, and releasing negativity from the body, particularly if recovering from an illness. Excellent for promoting one to fulfil one's dreams, goals, and aspirations. It is suitable for enhancing patience when dealing with difficult people, improving one's memory, and promoting luck and success to whoever owns it.

Other Benefits:

helps with bacterial infections


hormonal balance


throat issues

kidneys and bladder

relieves constipation

strengthens the mucus membranes, alleviating joint problems

Love & Light


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